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10 Best Tools Every One Should Have Available on Amazon






Heyman Lockbolts for large diameters

These lockbolts are ideal for large diameters. They are the perfect alternative for screw-nut connections. You don’t need any protection or a washer. They offer quick and user-friendly installation. The bolts are vibration-resistant and have 5 to10 times higher fatigue strength compared to screw-nut connections. They cannot be removed, and thus resistant to vandalism.

Leister Triac Soldering Iron Kit

You use this hot-air device as a hand tool for welding plastics. It is suitable for on-site use. It is designed for professionals. This high-quality hot-air hand tool can be used in any situation. The device’s universal areas of application are virtually unlimited. It works in any weather condition and you can use it effectively outside and indoors.

Eastwood Fender Finisher

With this tool, you roll your vehicle’s fenders without removing your tires. It is designed to be perfect for cars with larger tires and wheels, lowered front-ends, or a unique custom look. The device easily "rolls" front fender lips to increase tire clearance. And you don’t have to remove the wheels.

Wolff Weldmaster

This automatic welding machine can be used for a variety of applications. It is equipped with a digital thermometer enabling you to select the precise temperature. Its controls are centrally located and this makes it easy to operate the machine. It offers variable pressure control for improved welding results.

Wolff Strip Cutters

If you need a tool to cut strips of different floors, this is the tool for you. You use it for trimming the edges and cutting strips for skirting boards and stairs. There are three sizes to choose from. It offers a three-blade system for clean and easy cuts. You set the width of the cut, tighten the adjustment knob and you’re ready to cut.

Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill

When you use this chain saw all you need to start making your own lumber is your household ladder! You can make smooth dimensional lumber of different dimensions like 2 x 4s and 6 x 6s. The tool allows you to work with green logs up to 14-inches in diameter. The length of the logs is as long as what your ladder can handles.

Dremel Accessory: Cutting

This high-performance diamond wheel has 3 times longer life compared to other wheels. The diamond coating on the wheel guarantees smooth and precise cuts. It is ideal for cutting in hard and abrasive materials. Every cut is smooth and precise. It is ideal for cutting a variety of materials including floor or wall tiles, metal pipes, sheet metal or plastic.

Metabo Cordless Rotary Hammer

This is a very lightweight and compact cordless hammer. It comes with a brushless motor. This results in low-fatigue drilling. The rotary hammer has two functions, namely hammer drilling and drilling. The tool works in a low-fatigue manner to protect the user's health. It is designed to work with materials requiring customized speeds. The speed remains constant under load.

JOEST Floor Sander Junior

This floor sander is a multi-functional solution for perfectly floor treatment. It doesn’t have an integrated vacuum cleaner. Thus, it is ideal for narrow and low areas where space is tight. You can sand edges, corners and stairs with almost no effort. Use the sander in conjunction with the correct abrasives and the floor sander guarantees dust-free working.

Orbitalum Pipe Cutting And Beveling Machines

These saws are designed for the cutting and beveling of tubes. You can also use them for cutting off elbows in seconds. The low-weight saws are easy to use, powerful and compact. They are the ideal solution for the cutting of thin-walled tubes. The saws are extremely low-maintenance and service-friendly. The saws allow convenient marking of the cut-off point on the tube.

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