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10 Best Tools Every One Should Have Available on Amazon

Wallmek Hydraulic Ball-Joint Puller

This ball-joint puller is uniquely designed for dismounting the conic bolts on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It fits the new front suspensions with longer conic bolts an aluminum cones. You have a choice of two different heights to use. Both tools can switch positions for superior access in tight areas. The puller is available on Amazon.

Wallmek Hub/Bearing Puller For Bolted Wheel Bearings

Bolted bearings can often be rusted and stuck in the aluminum or steel knuckle. This tool is developed for a time-saving job directly on the car. You just mount the fixture plate with the bolts from the old bearing and the four washers in the set. More information is available at this link.

Sealey RE101 Air Suction Dent Puller

This tool is used to ease out dents and depressions on vehicles. The air-activated suction pad keeps a firm hold of the dented panel and a slide hammer is used to ease out all the dents and depressions. There is no damage done to the paint surface. It is available on Amazon.

Sealey 6.5 ltr Manual Vacuum Extractor for Oil & Fluid

This ingenious vacuum device is ideal for liquids such as water and oil. It has a capacity of 6.5 liters. You receive it with Ø5.8 and Ø6.7mm sprung steel-lined suction probes and A Ø9.8 x 1m extension tube and Ø5.8 and Ø6.7mm sprung steel-lined suction probes are included. Push the probe down the dipstick hole to remove oil from a car engine. It is available on Amazon.

GT Scratch Magic

This item is ideal for removing glass scratches. You can easily restore minor isolated glass scratches. It is available in 4 kit options based on the type and scope of the damage. It is much cheaper to buy and use this product than to replace the glass. It is available on Amazon.

Tiger Tool Universal Pivot Pin Extractor Adapter

This adapter is designed for use on Jost bracket pins. In the kit you receive a 20-ton hydraulic cylinder creating 40,000 lbs of pulling power. This provides safe and effective removal of the most seized bracket pins. It is made from top-grade metals for strength and durability. It is available on Amazon.

Tiger Tool Freightliner Airliner & Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Service Kit

With this device, you easily remove and/or install the Freightliner Airliner and Peterbilt Low Air Leaf rubber isolated pin and bushing. This is done while the suspension is on the vehicle. It provides 20 tons of pulling power and thus reduces the risk of damage to other components. It is available on Amazon.

Canvik Plus - 1.800kg McPherson Coil Spring Compressor

This coil spring compressor offers increased safety measures and comes with 2 sets of jaws with a hard-wearing polyurethane insert. It is designed to prevent it from slipping from the jaw. It is done with the high-tech protective insert that forms itself around and gripping the spring firmly. It is available on Amazon.

Mini-Ductor Quick Lug Nut Removal

If you frequently have problems removing wheel nuts this device will make your task much easier. All you have to do is to select the proper size coil, insert the coil and lock it into place with the twist lock. Then you place the coil around the lug nut and heat for 15-20 seconds and remove the lug nut. For more information go to this link.

Mini-DuctorTough Exhaust Bolt Removal

With this handheld and flameless induction heater, you will be able to quickly and easily remove tough exhaust bolts.

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