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10 Of The Best Fidget Toys On The Internet


It is compact and small sized to fit easily in both kids and adults palms and also to enable you carry it anywhere. It is made from plastic. This small device helps you to relieve stress and anxiety and enhances your concentration at school or at the office. It is equipped with nine different functions to help calm your nerves. It has a joystick, a small meter that you can pull out and release, a pen button for pressing, a mouse scroll, a screw that you can turn on/off, a rubber button, a car key and a STICs turn to changing its direction.

Quotidian Pen

This stylish pen is equipped with the world’s first magnetic propulsion features. It gives you an exciting experience when you are fidgeting. The pen is equipped with neodymium magnets that allow you to spin and flick using the pen. The pen is made from aircraft grade aluminum and brass. The aluminum is coated to give the pen a glossy look while the brass is not to give the user a natural patina effect. The pen can be tilted in all directions. The placement capsule pushes the ink cartridge to a writing distance. It has a width of 11 mm and a length of 125 mm.

Think Ink Pens

This ball point was created to reduce stress and anxiety in school, at work or in meetings. It is suitable for all age groups. It can be used for a long time, the user needs to replace the ink cartridge. The pen is made from titanium and steel which makes it unbreakable even under great pressure. The pen is equipped with a magnetic clip and a button that is flexible and it can cause the pen to easily bend in any direction. It is noise free thus causes zero disturbance to others around you. Think Ink Pen costs $20.


This is a small magnetic cylinder with a coiled ring that moves up or down. It is a gravity defying desk toy that applies the law of gravity from the moon, mars and earth. This antigravity device is satisfying to toy around with. You can roll it, spin, click, slide and a lot of other fidgeting activities. Moondrop is a cool way of learning physics laws of gravity for the science enthusiasts. The device is small and can fit in your pockets. The gadget is made from aircraft grade aluminum that is lightweight but durable.

Momentum 360°

This the world’s first hand spinner that uses centrifugal force. It is made from lightweight and durable aluminum and superior quality ceramic bearings for a smooth and easy spinning. The gadget is anti-corrosion and it can withstand any mechanical damage. This gadget enables you to focus on what is ahead of you while at the same time reducing your stress levels. It can conveniently fit in your pockets and you can also use it as a keychain. It comes in assorted colors and elegant leather casings. Momentum 360° cost $40.

Gear One

This fidgeting toy is made from carbon fiber. It is compact sized with an outer diameter of 1.8 inches. It is fitted out with decorative teeth-like edges. Additionally, the toy has hybrid ceramic bearings. It comes with different sets of screws with different colors. The gadget also comes in different versions made from different materials such as titanium, stainless steel or aluminum. The users are advised to exercise caution while playing with it as the manufacturer will not be liable for any property damage or self-injury that occurs as a result of playing with it.


This special gadget is believed by some people that it will overtake other common spinners. The gadget is equipped with two magnetic balls that are connected to each other. The two balls are welded together with 800 Ampere force which make them to be the fastest spinning toys. They are coated with PVD for impact strength, abrasion resistance and for excellent smooth surface. Spinerds comes in five different colors and 3 different sizes. The three balls have a diameter of 0.6, 0.5 and 0.3 inches. The balls can be spin on any smooth surface such as a glass table. They cost $13.

Vinci Ring

This is a special elegant and discreet gadget that helps the user to reduce stress, enhance your concentration and keep your hands busy. It is shaped like a wide heavy ring that has bearings. The Vinci Ring can be worn around your fingers, on the neck on your necklace or attach it on your keychain. The ring comes in three different versions, titanium, gold and brass and you can choose between black or white ceramic bearings. The Vinci ring has a personality and it changes with respect to humidity, air pressure and temperatures. These factors are responsible for the expansion and contraction of the ring at each given time.


This is a simple wooden fidgeting toy. It is compact sized and lightweight to allows it fit into your pocket and go anywhere with it. The toy resembles a cylindrical barrel with a diameter of one inch, a height of 3.6 inches and it weighs one ounce. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety in adults. The user can flip, roll it and do other tricks with it. It also helps to enhance your concentration and gives you a better eye-hand coordination. It comes in seven different colors with rubber stoppers at the top and the bottom of the barrel.

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