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7 Best Tools Every One Should Have Available on Amazon

Ruko Step Drills

This step drill improves point cut geometry. The optimized chip geometry enables heat removal from the workpiece. You get very smooth performance and cutting. It is easy to control on sensitive material such as Plexiglas and thin sheet metal. But it is also powerful on tough materials such as stainless steel. The drill is faster and provides a longer service life thanks to the new point cut, This tool impresses any user with its uncompromising effectiveness

Montana Brand Tools 4-in-1 Drill and Driver

With this tool, you speed up your projects and add precision to your jobs. It easily and quickly switches back and forth from drilling holes to driving fasteners. The modular 4-in-1 Drill and Driver provides versatility and ease of use, whether you are a contractor or DIY enthusiast. It is precision made for drilling accuracy and high-torque driving applications. The tools are of the same standard as Montana’s industrial tools and equipment. A tool worth looking at to purchase.

Casalgrande Padana Porcelain Stoneware Collections

These porcelain stoneware collections are ideal for any style and environment. You can use it indoors and outdoors. These porcelain stoneware collections are inspired by natural stones, granites, marbles and woods.

In the house, you can use the tiles in your kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Outdoors they can be used on your patio. The tiles give elegance to all the surfaces in your home. The bathroom tiles collection offers you a variety of shades and designs.

BDS Remote Operated Magnetic Drilling Machine

This is the worlds' first magnetic drilling machine which you can operate by remote control. It is equipped with a magnetic drill press and has an automatic feed. It also offers automatic reverse and variable automatic feed controls on the remote. This is the ideal tool for a hazardous situation. The operator’s safety was taken into consideration when it was designed. This drill press can core drill up to 130 mm diameter into 10 mm thickness.

Tifco Rivet Installation Tool

If you are frequently working with rivets, this drill is the easiest and most convenient drill to work with. It works with any type of blind rivet. You can work with any material, including steel, aluminum and stainless steel. You can use the drill for a variety of rivets - from buttonhead to large flange, including countersunk rivets. It works with rivets up to ¼-inch. The drill comes with nose pieces that work with 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16-inch diameter rivets. Clearly a very versatile rivet installation tool.

Timco TCT Tile & Glass bits

Do you encounter problems when you try to drill a clean hole through tile or glass? This range of tile and glass bits is your answer. The bits are available in sizes from 5mm to 10mm. Their tungsten carbide tips make these bits ideal for fixing bathroom tiles and attaching mirrors. They are specifically designed for the accurate drilling of glass and ceramics. A lubricant such as water is recommended when drilling glass, and you must use a low speed when working on ceramics and glass.

Albany County Fasteners Lever Hand Riveter

Do you have problems inserting rivets – especially ¼” diameter rivets? Then you need this rivet tool. This riveter has been designed to install POP rivets (blind rivets). And it is made specifically for 1/4" diameter structural rivets. Most other riveters only have a 3/16” diameter rivet capacity. With this tool, you receive the ability to work with other sizes as well. So, if you are working with POP rivets frequently, this tool should be in your toolbox.

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