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7 Best Tools Every One Should Have Available on Amazon

Milwaukee 4.5” Grinder

This is a cordless grinder that delivers the power of a corded grinder. The grinder supplies sustained power to complete the toughest grinding. It is ideal for sustained surface preparation and cutting applications as well. It is equipped with a brushless motor. The grinder features Redlink Plus Intelligence for maximum performance. It is built with the same tool body, gearing system and anti-vibration side handle as the company's high-performance corded grinders.

Makita Angle Grinders With Non-Removable Guard

This grinder with permanently affixed guards is ideal for industries like energy, mining, and shipbuilding. This is the world’s first power compact industrial 4-1/2” / 5” angle grinder with non-removable guards. The company has taken the challenge to develop such a tool for the industries asking for it. Although the non-removable guard is permanently attached, you can easily adjust and rotate it with the push of a lever. You can rotate the guard quickly for any application. It comes with a high-power 11 amp motor.

Porter-Cable Hammer Drill

This hammer drill provides high-performance drilling and allows you to handle very tough jobs. You can complete large and small applications. This hammer drill’s ratcheting chuck minimizes bit slippage. It offers you 23 chuck settings. The drill is also equipped with a battery gauge displaying the charge remaining on the battery. This allows you to see how much power remains. It has a 2-speed gearbox for high torque and high-speed applications.

Metabo Akku-Hammer

This cordless hammer is extremely light. The hammer has an integrated suction interface. The brushless technology and the high-performance hammer mechanism guarantee maximum drilling performance. It is a very efficient tool. The hammer’s dust-free drilling with compact dust extraction makes it a comfortable and safe tool to use. It offers a combination of hammer 3 functions: hammer drilling, drilling and chiseling. The hammer is double safe as a result of the electronic and mechanical safety shutdown when the drill jams.

Mac Tools Heavy-Duty Geared Air Saw

This is a heavy-duty geared air saw that can be used in muffler and exhaust applications. It is ideal for general auto body repair, the cutting of rusted bolts, sunroof installation, and more. The saw has a 9.5mm cut capacity. You can cut through mild steel because the tool has a gear-driven mechanism that helps reduce stalling. It features a lockout throttle design with a 360° swivel exhaust mechanism. The saw is equipped with an ergonomic rubber grip.

Pferd - Combiclick Victograin

This tool provides outstanding and constant high-performance thanks to the Victograin abrasive grain. It applies extremely aggressive grinding and is an outstanding stock removal tool on steel and hard materials. You can work with it on a variety of material. It is ideal for heat-treated steel, non-ferrous metal, nickel-based alloys, and many other hard materials. You can use the tool for leveling, deburring, surface work, work on edges, and weld dressing.

Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter

This log splitter consumes less fuel than hydraulic splitters. This saves you time and money on fuel and work efficiency. The splitter uses no hydraulic fluid, cylinders, pumps, hoses, fittings, or filters. This eliminates hydraulic leaks and maintenance. You can make precision wedge splits that are clean and with virtually no wood-waste debris. The log splitter has a retractable work table and tongue and lets you get work done with less effort. The device creates and stores kinetic energy that makes it possible to split a log in 2 or 3 seconds instead of more than 13 seconds with a hydraulic splitter.

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