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7 Best Tools Every One Should Have Available on Amazon

Sente Makina Plasma Cutting Machine

With this machine, you can easily cut your own drawings and expansions. This is as a result of the cutting dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm. You can cut the existing parts by simply dimensioning, or you can draw and cut any part you needed. The machine lets you cut up to 5mm aluminum and galvanized sheets. All data can be transferred to the touch screen panel. You can also resume your work if there is a stop thanks to the CNC unity control.

Bender SP500 - Micromesh Expanded Metal Production Line

If you need an expanded metal production line, this micromesh expanded metal production line provides you with four components. It offers a 500mm working width. Firstly there is the AW750 decoiler, then an SP500 expanded metal production machine with an FLW750/F flattener and RM750 levelling device. The last part consists of an STS750/F strip shear and AU750 recoiler. It is a whole system devised to provide you with a complete expanded metal production system.

Slatpro Slaghog Slat Cleaner

This tool is the ideal tool for fiber and Co2 laser cutters. You can clean a standard laser table in about 15 minutes. The tool has double cutters to lift the flag from both sides of the sheets. It is designed to be used in most laser machines, including Bystronic, Trumpf, Mitsubishi and more. It weighs 44 lbs. and its overall length is 34.3 inches. The tool works on copper as well as steel support slats. You can use it while the laser machine is running.

Gelber-Bieger ERB 16 NC3 Tube BENDER

The EDB 16 NC3 bending machine is a tube bender to bend your tubes in the forms you need them. This company offers customers around the world bending machines tailored to their respective requirements. They provide to industry, locksmithing and metal construction companies. Their new generation of bending machines includes manual bending machines, profile bending machines, as well as press brakes, pipe grinders, welding tables, and universal bending machines.

Heli Steel Pipe End Sealing And Steel Pipe End Closing Machine

This steel pipe and stainless steel pipe end sealing machine and steel pipe end closing machine will be installed in your factory by the manufacturer. If any parts are damaged within 365 days you as the buyer will be provided with new parts for free. You manually feed the material If any problem arises with the machine the manufacturer will assist in solving the problem. The machine comes with a 1-year warranty on core components.

Belovac Vacuum Forming Dashboard Material

One of this company’s famous products is the vacuum TPO dashboard. The company uses time-proven and industry-tested vacuum former and thermoforming technology to make their products. They’ve been in business for more than 30 years and are producing the most reliable vacuum forming machines in the industry. Their technical division always assists you and explains the vacuum forming process. It is worthwhile to contact this company for any vacuum forming product you need.

Shine Paper Straw Making Machine

This straw making machine has a capacity of 500 to 700 straws per minute. It uses a 2.2kw driving motor. The machine pack the straws in four-side sealed packages. It can be hot sealed. The straws can also be provided in rolls. The straws can be 3.8mm to 48.8mm in diameter. You can produce the straws in different lengths. They can be from 90mm up to 128mm. If you are looking for a straw making machine, this is the company to contact and the machine to purchase.

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