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Mezmoglobe -

This desk toy is an ideal present for the person “who has everything”. It is a globe that creates a magical full body optical illusion when spun. You create the effect of a flowing spherical helix that looks like it’s continuously merging into your tabletop. When revolving it creates an almost magical effect that will keep your visitors intrigued. It is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum with a helix-shaped groove alongside the whole surface.

FunShell Umbrella -

This backpack umbrella allows you to keep both your hands-free when it is open. It protects you against the sun or rain. The backpack provides 10 pockets, 3 interlayers, side seam pockets, and a waist belt pocket. The umbrella is waterproof with its 5 layers of vinyl umbrella cloth. It also provides 99% UVA/UVB resistance. The backpack and umbrella are light-weight and super portable. A fan can also be fitted to keep you cold but has to be purchased separately.

Walk Wing -

If you want to skip your baby’s tumbles, tears, and even boo-boos when starting to walk, you need this walking wing. This walking wing helps your baby to balance naturally with their hands free. When you hold your child’s hand to help him walk, you disturb his natural sense of balance. The use of the wing is recommended by pediatricians, as it reduces the number and severity of falls. The walking wing builds the baby’s stability and confidence. It is made of 100% cotton, is machine washable, and dryer safe.

Pen Cellphone-

This is the world's first pen mobile phone. It uses a 2G, 3G, or 4G Sim Card. The Sim Card must supports GSM frequency. It offers Bluetooth dialing and sync contacts. You can receive incoming calls and contact announcements. Its display size is I inch and it has a memory of 32GB. It also comes with a camera and flashlight. You activate the flashlight and the recording function by only pressing a button.

Karambit knife -

This utility pocket knife is like no other pocket knife. It is not an automatic opening knife and thus generally legal to possess and carry. It is elegantly designed and with its only five parts, it is compact and rugged. You can use it under demanding conditions. Your fingers don’t have to be removed from the tool to allow the blade to pass. It is a very safe knife as your fingers do not cross a rotational path of a blade while grasping the tool for use.

Invisible Watch -

If you don’t want others to see what is on your watch’s screen, this watch is just for you. With innovative invisible technology only you can read your watch with your special eyeglasses. To all other people, it will look as if the watch is off. They’ll only see a black screen. The eyeglasses are unisex and the frame makes them look like real prescription glasses. The text auto-scrolling makes it easy to read the content on your watch. You don't need to touch your watch at all.

UBTECH Alpha 1S -

This humanoid robot will give you and your family lots of fun. It is designed to show an attitude, and it has its own personality programmed into it. It moves with life-like movements and you tend to see it as a new family member! You use an app and work through Bluetooth with this programmable robot. The app is available for Android and iOS. Its batteries can easily and quickly be swapped. With extra batteries at hand, you can be entertained for hours

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