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Candle - The City's First Heated Gloves -

These gloves are designed for people spending a lot of time outside, also when it is cold. With their fiber heating elements, the gloves heat up to 50-degrees Celsius. They are water and cold resistant and touchscreen-friendly. You can enjoy 6 hours of comfort with one single charge. The gloves won’t restrict your movement. They are made from a unique blend of milk silk, neoprene, and lycra and is for both men and women.

Magic Leap -

With this device, you can meet with anyone anywhere in the world as if in the same room. You can also visualize 3D models for designing purposes, or stage interior designs for real estate. Information can be captured and distributed within your company by using this device. It is a lightweight, wearable computer, designed to bring the digital and the physical worlds together as one. It delivers the performance of a laptop computer in a light-weight device which you can wear every day.

Live stream wifi Glasses -

These glasses allow you to share your live view with everyone, anywhere. They are equipped with a WIFI module which allows you to stream live video via the internet. To get feedback it is recommended you use a mini wireless earpiece so that you can have two-way communication. The glasses are easy to use. They connect to your smartphone via an app. To activate the camera in the glasses you use a touch-type switch without any button.


This cutter’s non-slip, knife cutting board surface, and very sharp blades make vegetable cutting easy. You can cut the vegetables directly in the pan if you are cooking food. You can disassemble the cutter to form a sharp knife. This tool is very handy at any camping or barbeque activities. It is light and easy to carry with you. For durability, the blades are made from stainless steel. It has a high-quality plastic handle. The tool cleans easily when you’ve completed your task.

Umbilical Cord Phone Charger -

If you are a prankster who likes to have strange devices, or even things to disturb others, this umbilical cord phone charger is just for you. You slip your phone into one end of this very realistic silicone umbilical cord. The other end fits into a USB outlet. Switch the power on and it will not only feed your phone power, but it also moves and undulates in the process. There will not be many of them out there as it sells for $5,575

Silverlit Pupbo Robotic Dog Programmable Puppy -

This robot puppy can give you hours of entertainment. For a child, it could be the first step to actual robotics. This toy works with remote control and you can program 50 different actions. The puppy can give you 5 different responses when you pet his head. It offers more than 10 lifelike poses and can walk and run just like a real dog. A very special feature is that you can name the puppy and personalize up to 12 different commands in any language. It works with an app available on Android and iOS.

Magnetic ball watch -

This is a modern watch designed for touch. When you are in a meeting, in the movie theatre or any place where you can’t look at your watch, but can touch it with your fingers, this watch is very handy. It is also a must for vision-impaired people. The watch has raised markers that allow you to feel the time. It has two magnetized ball bearings traveling around the watch face indicating the hour and the minute. Just feel where the bearings are and you know the time.

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