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M6 – Marble/Granite Cart -

This tool enables you to transport heavy stone, marble slabs, granite, and other heavy material up and down steps. It is easy to handle as it weighs only 25 lbs. It is made from aluminum. With its two solid primary wheels and two sets of roller wheels, it is capable to transport material of up to 700 lbs. It can be used on most steps as its overall width is only 22 inches. It is the tool to have if you want to transport heavy material up or down steps.

Tile Breaker -

If you need a tile breaker for tile removal frequently, this tool is a must-have. It efficiently and effectively removes old tiles and prepares a floor for the installation of new tiles. Even the most stubborn tiles don't stand a chance against this tile breaker. This ergonomic tool is designed to remove old ceramic and porcelain tiles. It can also be used to remove mortar. The powerful tool hammers at a rate of 3,600 impacts per minute.

Sealey PW1712 Rechargeable Pressure Washer -

This pressure washer is ideal if you frequently have to work where no electricity is available on site. The tool can be powered by a vehicle’s 12V socket, but it is also equipped with a rechargeable lead-acid battery. It has a 17 liter water tank. The tank can be detached from the base to allow you to refill it easily. It comes with a 6-meter hose and accessory kit.

Skyhook Pro Plasterboard Fitting Tool -

This tool is a must-have for all professionals and handymen installing plasterboard ceilings. It fits the boards in such a way that there are no gaps between the boards. You can put in the screws easily and secure. The tool supports one end of the board while you screw the other end in place. When the second end is fastened, the tool can be unscrewed and it is ready to use again.

Shingle Sider –

This tool is designed to support the ledger board enabling one person to install shingles. It can be used with any shingle or shake size and type. If you use this tool, the need to nail ledger boards is eliminated. This protects the vapor barrier. It allows you to adjust both ledger board thickness and reveal height. The tool also doubles as a clamp. As clamp, it secures tarps to keep your work area dry.

PacTool SS724 Fiber Cement Cutting Shear -

This tool works with any 18 Volt cordless drill. It can cut ¼ " and ½" boards with minimal dust. It allows you to make straight, curved and circular cuts. The circular cut can be up to 3 inches in diameter. The tool is equipped with powerful blades that can cut 3/8 '' and 1/2 '' board with ease. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is comfortable to use for right or left-handed users.


This tool is easy to set up. The diameter of the tool automatically and easily adjusts to the required outer circumference of the pipe you want to work on. It allows you to work on different plastic pipes and tubes such as UPVC, PVC, PP, PE, CPVC, and ABS. The working range is from 2 ½ inches up to 4 inches. It works very well if the drill runs at a low speed. The tool works best with standard electric/cordless drills. For durability, the blade is made of stainless steel.

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