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Electric Demolition Jackhammer-

This demolition hammer uses 110-volt power and can be used for home and commercial projects. This versatile hammer is ideal for breaking concrete slabs, tearing holes in concrete and other blocks, chipping, demolition and many other heavy-duty tasks. You have full control of the tool because of its 360-degree adjustable fore grip. It uses 1-1/8 inch hex shank bits. The hammer delivers 1 800 BPM. It comes with chisels, a pair of protective gloves, goggles, and hex wrenches.

Handheld Puller –

This handheld, cordless puller works with most 18v to 20v cordless drills. It is claimed by the manufacturers that it pulls 68% faster than manual pulling. A pull force of up to 600 lbs. is constantly maintained. After a pull, it unloads the polyline in seconds as there is no need to reverse the drill. The line slides off the spool. It has a 17-inch boom allowing you to use 3 length positions to fit every job.

Insulated Cutting And Crimping Tools -

If you are frequently working with exposed electrical components, improperly grounded equipment and in extreme weather conditions, you need tools providing insulation layers offering added protection from electric shock up to 1000V. This series of battery-powered hydraulic tools for cutting and crimping are doing just that and are designed and tested to guarantee high-level isolation. During production, the tools are tested for 10 times higher than 1 000 volts. If you want to be safe when working with high-voltage devices and wires, these tools are a must-have.

Angle Grinder -

This grinder is powered by a 710 W motor with a variable speed from 2,000 rpm up to 1,100 rpm. This provides very good grinding and milling results. Its sanding pad is flexible and ideal for the first phases of sanding of large wood projects. The flexible sanding pad allows you to grind contours easily. The grinder is equipped with a chip and dust catcher. With its chip tube, you can work even work more dust-free and don’t need a vacuum cleaner. Simply point the hose on the floor or in a collecting container.

Worktop Jig Accessory -

Do you sometimes struggle to make worktop joints because the walls are out of square? Then you need this Worktop Jig Accessory. It is designed to quickly make accurate angled worktop joints that accommodate out of square walls. It can be used where wall angles are up to 25 degrees out of square. With fast alignment to the worktop edge, you are sure of a correct backset position. You get a perfect fit as the front edge pivot point aligns correctly to match the female cut.

Pipe Reamers -

These set of reamers can be used in different ways. Model 2-S spiral ratchet reamer is an automatic feed spiral reamer. It is used for extra quick and easy manual reaming. This model is not suitable for electric reaming. Models 2 and 3 ratchet reamers with the long conical design do not jam. They are suitable for use with electric drives. All the reamers have large pressure plates. The alloy steel cones can be removed for sharpening.

Side Cutter -

This side cutter can be used for a variety of jobs. It is very versatile and can be used for low and high strength wire. You can make clean cuts on cutting edge tips, even on copper wire. It has a narrow head that makes working in difficult and small spaces easy and comfortable. The cutter is made from vanadium steel and is oil-hardened. It is a cutter that should be in every handyman’s toolbox.

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