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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Heat Welder -

This automatic heat welder can heat weld any material with its universal nozzle. It is easy to use. You place the tool over the seam you want to weld. Then you insert the heat welding rod, lower the tool and the job has been done. It automatically welds the seam with the desired angle, and with the correct pressure and speed, it produces a perfect weld. This tool is a good addition to your installation tools.

Multi Beam Orbital laser –

This orbital laser is self-leveling with a visual out of level warning. It has a horizontal 360-degree orbital beam, a vertical cross beam and a plumb dot moving up and down. The tool’s accuracy is 0,3mm/m. Its outdoor range is up to 60 meters. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is water and dust resistant. It comes with a functional magnetic mount and ceiling clamp. An angular layout can be done manually.

Cordless Grass Shears-

This 2-in-1 tool is designed to allow you to switch from grass shears to shrub trimmer. This makes it an ideal tool for the shearing of trees, bushes, shrubs and grass. The trimmer is cordless and the motor delivers 1,250 RPM. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which gives a run time of 75 minutes for trimming and 55 minutes for shearing. The included charger can charge the battery again in less than 2 hours. For convenient use, it comes with an adjustable handle

Electric Tamping System

This lightweight vibrator for tiles is used to avoid air bubbles to form between the adhesive and the back of ceramic tiles. If you have to install waterproofing sheets, this vibrator can be used. For the user’s comfort, its floating carbon steel chassis is designed to reduce vibration return to the user. The tool does not leave any marks on the tiles. If you are frequently working with tiles, it is recommended that you have a look at this tool.

Combination Box –

This metal combination box sells at less than $22 and comes with 31 pieces. It is a box that is ideal for electrical and electronic repairs. It offers tools for the repair of most of the commercially available electrical equipment and computers. The hand screwdriver with a two-component handle allows sensitive screwing of bits. The bits are chosen to let you do most of the work needed with the provided bits in the box. This is a combination box which should be in every electrician’s and technician’s toolbox.

Clamping System -

This clamping system can be used for fixing, tensioning, assembling, and many other jobs. This is possible as a result of the extensive and useable accessories. All components of the clamping set for hole-grid work can easily and quickly be assembled on hole-grid boards. All the individual parts can be ordered separately as well. The wall panel offers space for additional accessories. The locating pins can be manually positioned on the wall panel.

Tradesman Steel Chest

This steel chest is ideal for tradesmen. This high-security chest offers a dual lock system and a rain-drain feature in the padlock housing to prevent water to get into the chest. The chest resits saws, pry bars and bolt cutters. It has a lifting channel and lid-control gas springs to give a better grip on the lid for easy and safe opening and closing. It is designed to enable forklift loading from any side. This ensures quick and easy transport.

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