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Blacksmith Machine -

This blacksmith machine performs popular cold forging operations. It offers three mandrels for making curls and 1 mandrel for making rings. It also has a device for torsion and making baskets. Universal rollers are used for bending profile pipes and there are mandrels for bending the strip on the edge. The machine works with a shaped pipe, square, strip, or round pipe. The machine is convenient to work with and easy to operate and configure. It is suitable for intensive industrial use.

Hand Tool For Making Blacksmith Curls

This hand curl bending tool is one of the most popular tools for cold art forging. It is difficult to imagine a modern blacksmith workshop without it. The set allows you to manually bend curls in 9 different sizes. These are more than enough to make, for example, a wrought-iron staircase. It is convenient to work with. The material is easily fixed in the groove. The tool has a reinforced work surface for durability. The tool will last for many years.


This tool is designed for automotive workshops. It is an automatic air-powered riveter for aluminum and steel for repairs to hybrid vehicles. Its adjustable pressure settings prevent panel distortion and the tool’s adjustable speed settings are for precision and productivity. The tool is efficient and user-friendly and can be used for self-piercing rivet installation and extraction, as well as flow form rivet punching and installation. You can also use it for solid rivet installation and extraction

Tungsten Grinder - This portable grinder can grind repeatable quality points on tungsten electrodes for plasma welding. It has a replaceable dust filter that protects the operator and the environment against harmful dust as a result of the electrode grinding. The grinder can grind electrodes as short as 15 mm, using a standard electrode clamp. With its special electrode clamp electrodes as short as 8 mm can be worked on. It has an inspection cover allowing you to see the grinding operation.

TIG Feeder - This compact and lightweight feeder is designed for total control and accuracy when feeding TIG wire. Effective control ensures high welding quality. You can accurately work with it even with gloves on. You can easily customize the feeder to set the wire tension and control. The feeder can be bend as needed to create the correct wire tension. It has a magnet for vertical resting of the feeder. A center groove on the thumbwheel prevents wire shifting.

Welding & Cutting Travel Carriage –

This tool is a digitally controlled rail-mounted travel carriage. It is designed to mechanize welding and thermal cutting processes. Mechanization allows continuous welding or cutting. It has a rack and pinion drive system with electronic speed control. This tool is used for trailer manufacturing, truck, oil and water tanks, and other projects demanding long continuous welds. It can be used for a variety of circumferential and irregular surface applications.

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

This handheld machine is easy to operate and the maintenance cost is very low. It doesn’t use welding wire, except when the gap is more than 0.5 mm. The machine’s protective lens and the copper nozzle are the only parts that can quickly wear. The machine is very easy to maintain. When you’ve finished your welding work, you just turn off the power and clean the welding head. The machine consumes electricity and gas but the consumption is small.

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