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Manual Waterfall Granite Stone Seam Setter-

This 90-degree edge seam tool can be inverted for inside corners and is the ideal solution for consistently creating high-quality perpendicular seams. You eliminate the hassle of straps and bar-clamps. The tool’s cups don’t make any marks on the material you are working with. The technology that is used, locks-in vacuum and provides optimum hold. Its integrated counter-pressure leveler overcomes the lower outswing of vertical pieces. The tool has easy to read indicators allowing you to monitor vacuum pressure easily.

Portable Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter -

This vacuum suction lifter is powered by a rechargeable battery and thus fully portable. Its weight with the battery is only 3.3 lbs. You can work for 1.5 hours before recharging is needed. It is designed to lift both smooth and rough marble, ceramic slabs and granite. But it can also be used for more delicate lifting like glass panels and drywalls. The tool can also be used outdoors and is easy to operate. It comes with a protective carrying case.

Triple Blade Planer-

The planer has a 3-blade design and a depth control knob offering 10 positions. This guarantees precise material removal. For your comfort, it is equipped with an adjustable front handle with a soft grip. The tool’s powerful motor of 1500W allows you to use it for heavy-duty planing. The fully cast base is designed to ensure flatness and increases accuracy. A dust extraction system can be connected to the tool’s dust port.

Extended Handle For Gas Post Drivers-

With this tool, one person can install tall posts of up to 10 feet safely and efficiently. If you are involved with wild-life fences, security and crowd-control fencing, or the fencing of sites this is a must-have tool for you. The 2-feet extended handle is designed for Rhino Pro-Series gas post drivers and requires lower handle assembly to operate. It sells for less than $195. If you need a lower handle as well, it has to be ordered separately.

Vacuum Glass Lifter -

This glass lifter can tilt, lift, rotate, and transport glass-sheets effortlessly. It uses compressed air and is the ideal solution for the glass industry. The tool offers pneumatic vertical and horizontal tilting from 0 to 90-degrees. It can also rotate glass sheets from 0 to 90-degrees. The tool is easy to operate and uses an on/off slide valve to attach and release the glass sheets. Flexible handling of large glass sheets is made possible by the integrated adjustable handlebar.


If you frequently have to cut small tiles accurately, this tool is a must-have for you. The saw is a water-cooled electric saw and is designed to cut small tiles. The robust stainless steel top ensures that the material you want to cut is firmly supported. It has a stainless steel top and comes with a special diamond blade. This tool is ideal for ceramic and porcelain tiles. The tool is compact and easy to transport.

Electric Tile Saw for Mosaic and Tiles -

This cutter is lighter than other similar products and is comfortable to work with. It can accurately and quickly cut all types of tiles with a thickness between 0 and 22 mm. The tool allows you to easily cut all types and thicknesses of ceramic, porcelain stoneware, glass tiles and glass mosaic. It can be used for diagonal and mosaic cutting. The tool is designed to last for years and the splitting system used in this tile cutter is the most powerful on the market today.

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