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High-Pressure Quick-Lock Grease Coupler

This high-pressure quick-lock grease coupler is designed to quickly, easily and efficiently engage with the grease nipple. It is a tool that is a must-have for all automotive workers and automotive workplaces. The coupler is equipped with a lever to make the connect and disconnect process very easy. It has a 1/8-inch BSPT thread and can work with pressure up to 8000 psi. You’ll never use another grease coupler again.

FastenMaster Frame -,increasing%20both%20safety%20and%20productivity.

This tool has changed the way framers do their framing. It is ideal to create continuous load paths on your job site. If you combine this stud-to-plate-head to the FrameFast tool, the screw can be easily driven at the angle you need, to the depth and location you want to. You don’t need a ladder or a pneumatic gun to complete your task. This increases both safety and productivity.

ProPlugger –

If you encounter problems to bend down when planting plants, this planting tool is a must-have for you. With it, you can dig holes from a comfortable standing position. You can use it for planting bedding plants, bulbs and ground covers. It digs the perfect hole of 2”, 4” or 6”. As you work, the soil gets stored in the tool. To empty it you just turn the tool upside down.

Product Range In Electrical Field

This company offers a complete range of products to meet the requirements in the electrical field. It caters for both large users and small consumers. The range of products includes the material for cables, pipes, terminal blocks, buttons, and control panels.

It can also provide the printers for the labelling process. The thermal printing method allows well-made labels to be produced quickly and at a low cost. The company offers its clients direct technical support.

Automatic Rail Saw –

This tool is combining a powerful saw with an automatic support arm which during the cutting process allows the operator to be totally in control but away from the machine.

The operator experiences no vibration and a minimum of noise and is not affected by dust, exhaust fumes and sparks. It is designed for precise cutting. The machine automatically switches off at the end of a cut. It has an alarm for when the air filter needs cleaning.

Professional Tile Cutter -

If you are working frequently with large size tiles it is recommended that you have a look at this tile cutter. This tile cutter allows you to cut large size ceramic tiles. This is made possible by the tool’s floating tables and supplementary arms. The breaking power is up to 1,200 kg. You can cut all types of ceramic tile, porcelain stoneware and extruded stoneware. The cutting can be done by one operator in a one-handed operation.

Wrench Set -

The set aids you in loosening nuts and bolts that are in hard to reach areas. The set is very popular and professionals and DIY enthusiasts use it for a variety of tasks. It has three different holes to enable you to apply additional leverage. Additional torque size is provided with its ¼” square drive. The wrenches are made of steel for durability. In the set, you’ll get 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 5/16” ¼” and 3/8” wrenches.

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