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Strongway Drum Spike Lawn Aerator

This lawn roller is ideal for aerating hard, compacted soil and clay to get water and nutrients to the roots of the plants or grass. It helps you to create a beautiful landscape or level field. The roller has a 14-inch diameter drum with 3-inch spikes penetrating the ground. It aerates while rolling. To get the correct weight needed, fill the drum with water. With this tool, you keep your lawn healthy and looking good.

Agitator (“Rhührwerke”)

A separate agitator (“Rührwerke”) is a must for every construction site. Often drills have to serve as mortar mixers and are then damaged by the high stress caused by mixing concrete. It is a good investment to get this robust and powerful agitator. The powerful electric motor in this agitator easily stirs and mixes mortar, plaster, tile adhesive, leveling compounds and fillers. You can also use it for mixing paints, varnishes and paste. Its 2-speed gearbox allows you to stir and mix at different speeds.

Dynello Accu Winder

The product is ideal for people who have their own drill and sometimes use lashing straps to secure loads. It transforms any cordless drill into a strap winder. The tool can be used to wind ratchet straps and tie-downs, wet or dry, by utilizing the powerful torque of the drill. To let the ratchet strap dries faster the moisture is squeezed out of it while rewinding. You will save many hours with this tool as it rolls-up a strap in less than 7 seconds.

Wall Chaser With this tool you can do slitting up to 50 mm deep and 50 mm wide on materials such as limestone, flint, concrete and other widely used products. This wall chaser is designed and engineered for maximum productivity. It has a long life as a result of its robust design and durable motor. You have a secure and comfortable grip on the tool in any position. When used with a compatible vacuum cleaner it is virtually dust-free

Portable Tire Inflator

With this lightweight and portable air compressor, you can inflate car tires effortless and quickly. Its gearless direct drive produces virtually no noise during operation. The rubber feet of the compressor minimize vibration. The tool features a pressure gauge as well. It is easy to work with as it is equipped with a 12V DC adapter with a 10-feet cord and port plug. It also has a 5-feet high-quality polyurethane air hose and 3 nozzle adapters for inflatables. It comes with a carrying bag

BMW Timing Tool Set

This toolset is designed specifically for fixing the camshaft in TDC position. You use the tool to dismantle and assemble the intake and exhaust camshaft. It is 100% original made by JTC and the best quality is guaranteed. You can use it for BMW N13, N18 engine BM number: 117440, 119340, 496709, 119590. If you are working on BMW camshafts frequently, this is a must-have timing toolset to have.

Cordless Finish Nailer Kit

If you need one tool to eliminate compressors, hoses and costly gas cartridges this cordless finish nailer's kit could be your answer. Its motor delivers consistent power firing in various weather conditions and materials. With the tool, you have less downtown on the job site, as it has a long runtime on a single battery. The tool allows you to adjust the nail depth quick and simple. It is comfortable to handle because it is lightweight and well balanced.

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