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Tool Case

This tool case is an excellent case to have for organizing your tools, especially when you have to travel with your tools. It has snap-in cover holders with a hinge mechanism on every side. Because of the holders and the hinges the tool case is free-standing in all opening positions. It can be opened on one or both sides, and the bottom tray and cover can be opened independently. The maximum payload is 25 kg and its volume is 38 liters.

Automatic Wire Stripper

This tool is the number one choice of tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. The precision grade performance tool is comfortable to use and its design guarantees a quality tool doing quality work. You can use this versatile tool in the service field, the shop or your home. Every tool is tested and proven for durability and functioning in real-world circumstances. This ensures durability and long life. A must-have for your toolbox!

Brushless Cordless Compact Circular Saw

If you don’t want a heavy circular saw to carry around, this saw which is less than 4 lbs. could be your solution. Although it is compact in design, it has the power and functionality of a larger saw. The blade is only ⅜”, half the thickness of blades on full-size saws, and therefore the brushless motor spins it twice as fast. The saw is designed for one-hand usage. You can rip and make plunge cuts, and even bevel cuts. It is powered by a 20V battery.

X-Lock Angle Grinder

With this angle grinder, you install accessories in a single action. One of its popular features is that its active feedback sensing provides you with anti-kickback protection. For optimal performance, its torque drive adjusts automatically. Its electric brake and soft start and anti-start increase its other safety features. With its variable speed dial, you can adjust the speed between 3,000 and 8,500 rpm. An excellent tool to have as part of your tool collection.

Heavy-Duty and Adhesive Mixer

This heavy-duty and adhesive mixer is of sturdy design for durability and long life. It is 133 mm in diameter and has a length of 600 mm. It can mix 15 to 35 kg mortar or adhesive. The mixer’s motor of 900V enables you to work from 300 to 700 RPM. It is a hand mixer machine and easy to use. If you have to mix mortar or adhesives frequently, this is a mixer you should consider.

Tool Locker Anchoring Strap

This anchoring strap can hold up to 40 kg. It is a safe anchoring and resilient extension for normal tool locks. You can attach it quickly and easily to the scaffolding or any other suitable anchorage points. It features securing arms on both sides for optional fixing at the anchoring points. The anchoring strap is certified according to the international security standard ANSI / ISEA 121-2018.

Sweeper Attachment

With this powerful sweeper, you clean your driveway and sidewalk quickly and easily. With its nylon bristles and the durable gearbox, you can remove all tough dirt and debris. It cleans for 20 uninterrupted minutes with its standard battery. This tool cleans much quicker than using a broom or even a standard leaf blower. It allows you to make piles of debris that you can simply dispose of in your debris container.

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