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Fein Best Oscillating Saw Blades Kit -

This set provides versatile oscillating saw blades. You can use the blades for a variety of applications. The set includes one 152 universal blade, one 151 universal blade, two 161 long-life blades and two 160 long-life blades. The blades fit competitor tools with their star-lock mount. The blades are made in Germany and are very durable. Part of the set is a carrying case. Up to 30 blades can be stored in this carrying case

3T trolley jack

This trolley is designed to lift a wide range of vehicles fast and easy. It is designed to reduce the number of strokes to lift to the maximum from 11 to only 4.5. This saves time and effort. It has a safety pressure valve and the descent speed can be controlled. There is foam on the handle to prevent damage to the vehicle, and a rubber saddle also to prevent vehicle damage. The rubber saddle prevents slipping as well. With its large foot pedal, it is easy and comfortable to use.

Apollo Valves 69 Tankmax Water Heater Tank Booster -

This water heater booster protects your family from scalding. The only tools needed for installation are a wrench and pipe thread sealing tape. When installed, it allows water to be 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the water heater, while water at 120 degrees is distributed to fixtures. It is lead-free and safe. The booster extends the life of the hot water in your heater. This is a must-have for all households.

Safety Helmet, Vented-Class C

This safety helmet is designed for at-height and confined spaces. Headlamps attach to it without straps. The sweatband and top are breathable and padded to improve the comfortability. It is also machine washable. The helmet is equipped with adjustable vents. They can be opened or closed for air circulation. The helmet is comfortable in hot and cold weather. It is also equipped with slots on the sides to attach hearing protection.

3-in-1 Slotted Impact Socket -

This tool offers two socket sizes, namely 3/4-inch and 9/16-inch in one tool. Its 12-point design makes it easy to work with square fasteners. It has an alignment slot to loosen and tighten most hot-line clamps. Unintentional separation of the adapter and the socket is prevented by its cross-hole design. For your convenience, it is color-coded with double lines to identify the size. This tool is very handy for use at a variety of pole line hardware installation or removal.

Brocas diamante DRYGRES -

If you have to drill into ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles, and materials like marble and granite, you need these special drills. This range of diamond drill bits is designed to do just that. They are designed for dry drilling. Their maximum working speed is 14,000 rpm and they can be used with a grinder or electric drill without hammer action. Vacuum welding technology is used to increase the bits’ resistance to temperature.

Slippery Jims -

These skates are designed to edge in between the wheels of the vehicle and the ground to minimize friction. With the skates in place the disabled vehicle can slide easily into position. By joining individual skates, larger skates for larger tires can be formed. The skates are also designed to work with vehicles without wheels. They are very durable as they are made from super-tough polymer. They come in a set of four.

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