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Sliding Miter Saw

This compound saw is unique in its design as it uses only one blade to cut a variety of materials. It can cut hardwood, softwood, plastic, copper, aluminum, steel, and nail-embedded wood. It offers two speeds for multipurpose application. You can use it at 3800 or 5000 rpm. The saw comes with a dual-slide rail system to enable you to cut accurately. The aluminum fence gives excellent and safe support during cutting.

Staple gun

Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsman and are frequently in need of a staple, this product is a must-have for you. It is designed to work on furniture upholstery and other decorative work. You can work with diverse materials, including textile, posters and leather. The stapler is light and easy to handle with its ergonomic handle. For durability, it is made of robust plastic. This tool is also suitable for people with smaller hands.

Ceramic Repair Kit

You don’t have to replace damaged tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. They can easily be repaired with this ceramic filler kit. With it, you can fix holes and chips in floor and wall tiles. The set comes with ceramic filler in five different and mixable colors. You also get a clear lacquer brush pen to seal and protect the repaired area. It is suitable for surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, and cast stone.

Diamond Tile Drilling Set

The diamond grit tipped cores of this drill easily drills through kitchen and bathroom materials. It is ideal to drill into hard materials. The materials include granite, porcelain tiles, ceramics, marble, glass and slate. The cores are withstanding high temperatures when drilling. The beauty of the tool is that it works with any drill that has a standard chuck. It is the ideal tool for the professional tradesman and DIY enthusiast.

Wheel skate

This wheel skate is ideal for pulling vehicles with blocked wheels quickly and efficiently onto trailers. It has a load capacity of 800kg and weighs only 14kg. The tire width it can handle is up to 325mm. It has roller-bearing wheels for easy rolling even when loading with hand winches and is built to be very stable. It is comfortable to use and to store because of its compact dimensions.

Extra-low Service Jack

This 3-1/2 ton service jack is very handy when you have to lift vehicles with small ground clearance. The jack’s low-profile design gives you access to these vehicles. It also has a long-reach lift arm that makes it easy for you to reach lift points which are hard to get to. The load pump is designed to allow you to contact your lift point in less than 2 strokes at a height of 11 inches. Caster brackets prevent the frame from spreading under a great weight.

Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

If you’ve ever been frustrated because you could not find the correct bit screwdriver in your toolbox, you will appreciate this tool. This multi-bit screwdrivers tool provides you with multiple driver bits in only one very convenient tool. You will have heavy-duty screwdrivers with superior torque for your very tough applications, and also precision-made electronic screwdrivers in the tool. The screwdrivers in the tool is made to stand up for the job they are made.

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