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Pin & Bushing Adapter

This adapter kit is specifically designed and developed to remove and install leaf spring bushings from the outboard side of the leaf spring. This means that you save time and effort as you don’t have to unbolt and jack the motor just to get access to the job. You can easily remove and install the pin and bushings while the suspension stays on the vehicle. The adapter has machined components that are manufactured from high-grade metals for durability.

Geda Mini/Maxi

This tool has two lifting speeds and extensive safety features. It is ideal for the efficient and safe transport of scaffolding parts and building materials. The drive of the cable drum is simply attached to the scaffolding below, while the light swivel arm can be attached to the scaffolding at the desired height. Thus, the cable lifts can be moved quickly and easily during construction. You can use it to lift virtually anything, including bulky scaffolding elements, loaded wheelbarrows, buckets or other building materials.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Hole Saws

This hole saw with its tungsten carbide tipped saw provides up to ten times more cuts than bi-metal hole saws. It is also a time-saving saw as it saws up to five times faster than standard hole saws. Because of its tungsten carbide tipped saw it always produces clean cuts and has a long working life. You can cut wood, concrete blocks, bricks, cement fiberboards, ceramic tiles and much more. The ideal tool to have.

Speedheater Cobra

If you are looking for an effective tool for paint removal, this tool is your solution. It can be used for paint removal from windows, furniture or any kind of woodwork. You can use it interior and exterior. The tool offers a gentle technique but with an incredible speed. It works on all paints, glues and varnishes. Get this tool and you will always have a fast and easy paint remover tool that is eco-friendly and gentle.

Angle Master

This electro-hydraulic multi-workstation angle master is high-powered and has a maximum pressing force of 28 tons. This enables the tool to process stainless steel materials. The machine’s special designed blade is used to give you high0precision machining without any unnecessary burrs. It is easy to operate and is designed to work with less noise than other machines. This is made possible by soundproofing each part. The operator of the machine just step on the footswitch, and the attachments can be replaced with a single touch.

Broach Cutters

This tool is suitable for drilling steel rail quality grades 700-900-1100 (UIC 860.0). It is fitted with a Weldon shank and has a unique cutting geometry. The tool also has an additional coating of Titanium Nitride with high hardness and low friction coefficient. This improves the cut surface finish. The Titanium Nitride also offers corrosion resistance, and it stays sharper for longer. It provides more holes per single broach cutter and it saves time as the drilling time is less than with most other drilling tools. It also gives you a better cut surface finish

How to Use Heat Gun to Remove Flooring

To remove linoleum and vinyl flooring is easy with this heat gun. Fit a flat nozzle onto the air outlet and connect the heat gun to a power source and switch on. Heat the linoleum or vinyl evenly with the heat gun. Then use a Spatula to peel of the tiles. You can also use a surface nozzle instead of the flat nozzle. When all the flooring tiles are removed, switch off the heat gun and let it cool down for 30 minutes before storage.

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