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Jobsite Robot

This tool is a semi-autonomous mobile ceiling-drilling robot. This tool is the next step in the digitization of construction sites. The robot is cordless and doesn’t require expert skills to work with. It locates itself accurately and drills the holes. It is ideally suited for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trade. The robot is designed to help workers with physically demanding tasks and is very safe to use. The worker navigates the worker via remote control.

Multi-Hand Riveter

You would enjoy working with this efficient tool. It offers a unique multi-nozzle design that makes it possible to operate without nozzle changes. Thus, it is a time-saving tool. You can work with any kind of sheet metal. Its smart measuring control system automatically measures the rivet dimensions and material thickness. Every time the right rivet is used in the right hole. It is equipped with a soft-grip handle for convenient handling.

Hub Cleaning Tool

If you frequently have to clean rust, corrosion and other buildups from the base of wheel studs, wheel drums, tire rims and battery posts, this tool is a must-have. The tool fits easily over wheel studs and you can also use it to clean battery posts. It improves the proper torque of lug nuts for you to easily do accurate tire balancing. The tool is made with high strength steel to give it a long life.

Metal Tape Embosser

This economical metal tag embossing tool is designed to use rolls of metal tape. This creates deeply embossed or debossed tags that are suitable for heavy-duty tagging applications. The tool offers a character selection wheel and you emboss characters one at a time by pulling a handle. You can create tags in variable lengths with holes or slots at both ends. It is suitable for labels on pipe, hose, and cable. The tape to use, is supplied in convenient, pre-measured rolls.

Ergo-Mechanical Caulking Gun

This tool provides you with 130 kg of pushing pressure for applying silicone and acrylic with ease. The silicone or acrylic is in 310 ml cartridges. The rotating grip sleeve allows rotation to get the best working angle. It is equipped with an ergonomic two-component handle for fatigue-free working. It offers easy cartridge changes and also has an automatic drip-stop function preventing undesired oozing of the material. This gives you a very clear result.

Keyhole Slot Marking Tool

Are you struggling with measuring and guessing the correct placement of your keyholes? This product could be your solution. With this tool, you use your object as your template. You don’t have to measure to determine the fastener locations. This tool eliminates all the guesswork. Simply mount the tool in the keyhole slot on your object remove the caps and mark the mounting surface with a quick push. It is designed to work with most styles of keyhole slots and hardware

Nail Eater

This tool’s improved cutting edge provides a 30% longer life span than normal and it has a unique new design for improved cutting and cleaner holes. The self-feeding screw point draws the bit through the wood. It is made of heat-treated super tough steel for durability. It cuts easily through nails. You also receive short bits for working in tight places. Even the short bits can go through 2 x 4s.

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