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Cordless Multi-Cutter

This cordless cutter cuts cardboard, vinyl, carpet, rubber, leather, and more. It has a self-sharpening blade which makes it very comfortable to work with. The tool is engineered for maximum cutting efficiency. For safety, it offers a built-in lock-on lever to prevent the tool from accidentally engaging. It only weighs 1.6 lbs. The motor delivers 300 RPM and the battery protection circuit system protects against overloading, over–heating, and over-discharging.

Vacuum Cleaners With Cordless Control

With this device, you don’t have to switch your mains-powered vacuum cleaner separately on or off when using a cordless tool. This on/off action is now taken over by this device. The vacuum cleaner switches on or off automatically by detecting vibrations on your cordless tool. You can use the device with any brand of a wet vacuum cleaner and is easy to fit. This is a must-have if you are working frequently with tools using vacuum cleaners.

Water Pump Pliers

This set comes with three box point water pump pliers. You receive them in a transparent pouch that makes it very easy to get the correct pliers in hand. All three have PVC dipped handles as part of their sturdy box joint frame. They are made of high-performance alloy steel for durability and is anti-corrosion treated. The narrow heads are easy to use in confined spaces. They are designed to prevent finger-pinching.

Brushless and Cordless Drill

This hammer drill is ideal for drilling into wood, metal and even masonry. You can also use it for the toughest screw driving jobs. The brushless motor is faster and stronger than brushed motors and lasts longer. It offers 17 torque settings, ensuring precise screw driving. You can easily switch between hammer drilling and screw driving. The drill’s two gears allow fast or tough drilling and screw driving. Its single-sleeve keyless chuck with a lock-action prevents the bits from slipping. An excellent tool to have in your toolbox.

Floor Cleaner

This wet cleaning system has an integrated water tank. Both the Floor Sander and the Floor Sander Junior series are now available with this integrated water tank. The purpose is to wet down the surfaces to be cleaned. Its simple operation is one of the main features of these machines. The Floor Cleaner and the Floor Cleaner Junior offer a wide range of applications. You can use them for basic cleaning and the removal of the old coating.

Cup Brush for Steel Grinder

You can mount this device on stationary, manual, automatic or CNC machinery. It offers aggressive use but still with maximum safety. Its steel brushes are among the best-selling and most sought after brushes in the market worldwide. You can remove the device’s retaining ring to make maximum use of the filament. It is designed for removing slag, rust, and strong encrustations from flat surfaces. You can use it on materials such as cast iron, brick, stone, wood, rubber and steel.

Square Wheel Belt Grinder

This versatile square wheel grinder is the best finishing machine you’ll ever need. It is easy to use and provides efficient and fast grinding and finishing in one tool. The tool’s multiple uses include heavy stock removal and the cleaning of welds, grinding tools, plastic and knives. This is done with the serrated contact wheel. You can use it for grinding and refinishing cylindrical shapes as well. When you’ve worked with this tool you won’t work with another one again!

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