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Pipeline Inspection System

This pipeline inspection system delivers a clear image for easy inspections for 2”-6” sewer lines up to 120’. It is equipped with a very short self-leveling HD camera with the ability to zoom up to 4 times. You can transport the compact tool very easily to any roof or cleanout. This is made possible by its removable backpack straps. This sewer line camera comes with technology that provides you with the ability to track the tool's location, manage it in inventory, and lock it out.

Caulking Tool Kit

This tool is designed for restrictive and tricky places. It always gives a perfect finish because of the correct hardness and elasticity of its profiles. It offers a rotatable handle for working with different types of angles. You can easily work behind a tap or stove. The kit can be widely applied for bathroom, kitchen, tanks, doors, sink joint filling finishing and much more. Its 9 pads are made of non-sticky special material and the handle is made of good quality plastic

Cordless Puller

This portable 3,000 lbs. puller is designed to handle all of your day-to-day versatile wire pulls with speed. It offers a built-in switch that automatically turns the puller on and off. You only tug on the rope to start the pull and slack off the rope to shut it down. It delivers dynamic performance in remote locations or areas where power is not yet available. This is possible because of the high-capacity rechargeable battery.

Electric Hydraulic Dock Levelers

This tool is ideal to use in dock areas. It offers state of the art hydraulic design and works with the simple push of a button. The operator pushes and holds the "raise" button. It activates the hydraulic pump and raises the deck. In the raised position the lip automatically extends. The operator then releases the button and the deck descends to rest on the trailer. When the truck leaves, the deck descends to a full down position.

Snapper Shear

This tool is meant for cement siding shear and geared toward the professional. It combines a precision-machined cutting head with a powerful ½-inch drive motor. It is designed specifically for 5/16 inch fiber cement siding cutting. Its solid steel blades are reversible and fully replaceable. The tool is designed to shear the cement siding rather than cutting it. This results in less mess, minimal airborne dust, and faster clean-up in the job place.

Folding Safety Scraper

If you are looking for an efficient scraper that is also very safe to work with, this folding scraper is for you. It is designed with safety in mind and offers a compact folding design to conceal the blade. The handle has a locking switch to make handling easy, but it is also a safety measure. The tool is ideal for cleaning surfaces, removing paint, removing stickers, and much more. It accepts al regular scraper blades. It comes with 5 spare blades included.

Carbide Burrs These cut variants are manufactured as part of a dedicated product family. They have all been developed especially for tough applications, like in dockyards, foundries and steel constructions. They are designed to be used in all manufacturing sectors with a difficult production environment. If you are encountering frequent tooth breakages or other damage to conventional burrs, these are the burrs for you. By choosing these burrs you save time due to the fewer breakages and your workshop or site is run more cost-effectively.

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