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This tool is a must-have for firefighters. With this tool, firefighters don’t have the hassle to roll up wet and cold hoses after they have been used. This tool can be taken with the firefighter and be used every time a hose has to be rolled up. It is very light, but durable, as it is made of aluminum and stainless steel. The frame is equipped with light-reflective stickers and a reflective shoulder strap for safety reasons when it is used in dark streets for instance. When not in use it can easily be stored

Cutting Saw

This paving saw is designed and manufactured to be used in construction, especially in road construction. Like all other paving saws it is used to cut asphalt, fresh and old concrete, reinforced concrete, and to make expansion joints on various surfaces. This saw, however, can also be used for cutting off roadsides. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine running on unleaded petrol. The maximum cutting depth is 180 mm and the pavement can be cut wet or dry. You set the cutting depth by using a crank mounted on the frame.

Soil Compactor

You can use this compactor for soil compaction. It is developed to be used in the construction of embankments, dams, canals, running tracks, sports fields made of cobblestones, and much more. The compactor is designed to work efficiently and easily on horizontal terrain and on slopes. You can also request that the compactor be equipped with an elastomeric plate and a transport trolley. If you are frequently needing a compactor, this tool should be one to consider.

Digging Aid Attachment

With this attachment you get your gardening done quicker. It makes hard work easier and lighter and boosts productivity. Your back has fewer strains as you work upright and safely. You can use the attachment for digging, aerating and weeding. It is designed to fit all standard garden tools. It is very easy to operate. You just put your foot on the pedal and then kick, dig and flick. In principle, you push the fork or spade into the ground with the assistance of the attachment and then pull the fork or spade towards you. No bending is necessary.

Roof Seamer

This roof seamer is self-propelled and offers you hands-free operation. It has a durable 110v electric motor. The machine produces a 90° finished seam profile and is therefore recommended for use with 22-26 gauge panels. You handle the machine easily as it is lightweight and fast. It only weighs 35.4 lbs. and it moves at a speed of 44.3 feet/minute. If you require a roof seamer , it is recommended that you have a look at this one.

Drywall Banjo Taping Tool

This drywall taping banjo has a unique double-ended applicator for taping both flats and inside-corners. You can use the tool to tape on flat joints, internal corners and square sets in minutes. This eliminates adjustments. It comes with two adjustable soft-grip handles, for right or left-handed use. The tool holds rolls of joint tape up to 150m / 500 feet. Its durable polycarbonate body eliminates dents and bent parts for longer life.

Snapper Shear Pro

This excellent tool attaches to any drill motor. The tool enables you to cut cleaner and faster than ever, and you can cut any shape and anywhere. It can cut ¼”- ½” backer board. It can cut straight, right angle, and curve cuts. It is designed so that right and left-handed people can use it. You can use it indoors and outdoors. It will not cover your house in dust if you work indoors.

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