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Dual Pressure Cleaner

With this machine, you can handle more than one cleaning job. One unit gives you a rotary surface cleaner and the other a pressure washer wand. You save a lot of time with this two-machines-in-one setup. It is easy to switch the valve to direct water from the rotary cleaner to the wand. The operator simply walks behind the machine and push gently. No sweeping to give you back pain.

Glas –Ex-Turbo

This versatile tool can be used for several tasks. You can use it to cut laminated glass panes. The tool is also ideal for the quick removal of LSG up to 20 mm thickness. You can fit it on any cordless screwdriver with a 10 mm 3-edged socket. It is designed to cut tight curves and most of the glass is conveyed outwards. With its short blade and short stroke, you can comfortably cut directly above the dashboard.

Master Key

This tool’s handles spin freely to allow maximum swing. It also offers an interchangeable head design. With its Power-Shot technology, there is a 90% reduction in a rebound effect, while more force maximizes effectiveness. It is designed in such a way that when decelerating, the 10-pounds of the free-flowing shot accelerates forward. This transfers the force through the head into the door. With this technology, the maximum amount of energy is utilized.

Xtra Duty Sprayer

If you always need a smooth, consistent paint finish with no brush marks, this sprayer is what you need. It works faster than with a brush. It is ideal for outdoor furniture spraying as well as for spraying fences, garages, sheds and any medium-sized project. It stains an 8’x 8’ area in less than 1 minute. The sprayer offers multiple adjustable settings for excellent control and efficiency. After you’ve used it, just rinse it clean.

Press Machine

This press machine is electro-hydraulic with mains operation. It is a very hand and light-weight tool. It is ideal for batch production of fitting connections. And you do it on the construction site. It offers ergonomic handling. This is a result of its weight distribution. You can get a secure hold and a simple axial alignment of the pipe. It makes fixing easy in the clamp.

Plastic Pipe Cutter

With this product, you can make clean and straight cuts very fast and with less effort than with most other cutters. You can easily use it on plastic pipes in the range up to 42 mm. The pipes can be cut by using the direct cut or the ratchet cut function. It doesn’t use the two scissors system. You can cut pipes up to 20 mm directly with one stroke. When the wall thickness and size of the pipe is too big for the direct cut, the tool automatically switches to the ratchet function.

Wheel Slogger

This wheel slogger saves you time and money. As it is mobile and can be stored easily in every truck or heavy-duty vehicle, it is immediately available. You don’t have any call-out costs. In minutes you can loosen, tighten and torque a wheel. It is safe to use and needs only one operator. The tool guarantees torqued wheel nuts after every wheel change. The slogging hammer and wheel socket are included.

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