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Mr. LongArm 0650 Brush and Tool Holder -

This tool is ideal when you need an extension pole for your tools and brushes. It allows you to use a variety of tools. You can set the tool holder in 13 different angles. This holder makes your work easy when you have to reach high places or any place difficult to reach. Its standard threaded end fits Mr. Longarm poles and other standard poles. It sells for less than $30.

NonStop Socks -

Have you ever worried that your feet will get wet in heavy rain? These socks are designed to give you comfortable socks that you can wear all year round. They are made from textiles that feel ultra-soft and fresh. They also optimize compression. The socks are 100% waterproof and breathable and protect your feet against wet conditions always and everywhere. You can wear them in rain, snow, mud or sand. A must-have when travelling.

Spreaders -

These spreaders are designed for automotive emergency service personnel. It is ideal for new vehicle materials. The tips are removable and are designed to assist peeling materials such as aluminum. They have small spiked studs inside and out to improve grip and prevent slipping. The arms of the spreader are made of high-strength aluminum. All controls are distinctive in red. The spreaders can be converted to be battery-powered.

Multi-Carver Cutter Head -

This tool is designed to allow you to manually carve and cut timber. It is to be used in a drilling machine. The cutter head has exchangeable carbide inserts. You can work in a horizontal and vertical position. The cutting diameter is 25 mm and the cutting radius is 5 mm. The clamping length is between 20 mm and 25 mm. The tool comes with two round carbide 10 mm screwdrivers.

Tension Springs -

These three tension springs have three different functions. The Heavy-duty Tension Spring is meant to indicate the amount of tension on the fence wire. Its class 3 galvanized coating makes it a long-lasting spring. The Tension Spring Long Tug is developed to indicate the amount of tension on a fence line and also acts as a shock absorber. These two are available at less than $6 each. The Mini Spring Stainless is to be used with twine, ribbon or aluminum wire. It is designed for low tension applications. This Mini Spring sells for less than $3.

Dynello Accu Winder -

If you are tired of using many lashing straps for load securing when drilling, this tool is ideal for you. You can install the winder in the drill very easily. The tool can then be used to wind ratchet straps, slings, tie-downs, and round slings using the torque of the drill. It works with wet or dry material. To get the right tightness, you can adjust the torque with the cordless drill’s torque control. You always have 100% control of the strap. The rewinding of the straps is smooth and easy.

8×4 Max Tables -

If you need a tabletop with more machined holes than the standard plate tabletops, you have to consider buying this product. The table surface is 96-inch x 48-inch and offers 33% more holes than standard tops. Its height is 6¼ -inch. It is very steady, but if you want to, the optional leg brace assembly can also be used for extra stability. You can set-up large, heavy-duty and complex fixtures on the table top. The extra holes make clamping and accuracy much easier.

Tormek SVD-186 R Gouge Jig - for Sharpening Woodturning & Woodworking Tools -

This tool is designed and manufactured to make it easy for you to sharpen your V-tools and special woodcarving tools like violin making knives. Its slow running water-cooled grindstone makes it easy to sharpen even curved or bent carving tools. You get a replication of the shape and edge angle on your bowl gouges and spindle gouges. Thus, your tool will behave in the same predictable way after every sharpening. It is designed for high-level control in the sharpening process.

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