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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Clarke CRT40 - 40pce Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit -

This tool is ideal for hobby, model and DIY enthusiasts. If you want to sharpen and cut or shape and engrave, you only need this one kit. You can also grind, clean, sand and polish with it. It offers a maximum operating speed of 33,500 rpm. The tool is designed for intricate and small scale work with accuracy. It comes with a carry case, a 1-metre long flexible drive and an adjustable stand. The stand is equipped with a clamp for your convenience.

New Clarke CEW1000 Electric Impact Wrench 240v -

This is a heavy-duty wrench and you can use it for heavy-duty applications. It is ideal for garage mechanics, engineers, fitters and steel erectors. The tool delivers 450 NM torque with its 1,0000 Watt, 230 Volt motor. It has a forward and a reverse drive. You can drive bolts up to a maximum size of M12. It comes with socket sizes 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm. It also has a carry case.

Smart Keybox 3 -

This key box stores all your keys in one place. Retrieval of the keys is easy but very safe. You don’t have to handover keys anymore. You just give your guest access to your key box with a Pin, smartphone or Bluetooth. The box is large enough to accommodate keys for any type of door and even car keys. The box fits over most door handles and is very durable. It is weatherproof. It’s also built with heavy-duty materials, ensuring durability and resistance to impact. It is scratch-resistant.

Presch Combination Square 300mm Metric -

This carpenters square is glare-free and is equipped with a precision centimeter square ruler. The millimeter marks are very clear on the polished surfaces. You can use it for a 90-degree or 45-degree angle. If you use this carpenters square you don’t need any other measuring tool. The right-angle ruler can be used separately. This tool is designed to be accurate, multifunctional, durable, and clever. It is a must-have for carpenters.

Master TURBO Groover with Carrying Case -

With this tool, you can groove up to the wall. You can also groove circles and curves in four different sizes. It comes with a set of 4 mm blades. A padded carrying case is also included. This makes transporting the tool convenient. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. You save time when using this tool, as it works faster than an electric groover. It sells for less than $1,600.

Montolit Mosaic Glass and Tile Nippers -

These wheel nippers can be used for much more than only glass cutting. Its tungsten wheels are titanium-coated to give them excellent durability. You can cut marble and high-fired porcelain without too much effort. The small angled wheels give you great access to your material. You can cut very straight with this tool. The handles are designed to be a bit longer than normal to add leverage when cutting hard material.

K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Home -

This pressure washer is designed for cleaning moderate dirt. It is ideal for use in a home. You can control the different spray options with its 3-in-1 multi-jet. For your convenience, you can see the settings of your spray on the LCD and easily adjust it if needed. The detergent can be changed in one quick step. The spray gun is easily reachable and you can stow it away easily if you don’t use it.

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