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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Tormek SVD-186 Turning Tool Sharpener Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig -

If you frequently need to sharp your gouges, turning cutters and similar articles to a finely-honed edge, this tool is a must-have. This versatile tool can deliver the perfect shape, and repeat it. This enables you to have a consistent degree. You can use it for various lengths on the side bevel, as well as for bent carving gouges and V-tools. The maximum width of the blade is 1-3/8 inch.

Strong Hand Tools, Gas Grabber, Gas Cylinder Lifter -

If you are frequently handling gas cylinders, this tool is essential for you. Its two handles make it easy and safe for a two-person team to lift and move a gas cylinder. Its 8-point contact points with friction pads give you a safe hold. The scissor-action handles automatically engage. This guarantees secure and safe lifting of the gas cylinder. The tool only weighs 8 pounds. It sells at less than $150 and can be ordered online

Bahco 7224 Quick Adjustable Water Pump Pliers -

This quick-adjust water pump pliers have a sturdy frame made of high-performance alloy steel with a phosphate finish. Its slim shaped designed jaws provide easy accessibility. The tool’s auto tightening grip makes it easy to use. The handles offer a sure fit and they are designed to prevent finger pinching. The tool is anti-corrosion treated. The pliers offer fast adjustment and memory retention of jaw opening. The jaws are slim but shaped for nuts and pipes.

Air Hammers -

Both the long and short barrel hammers offer quick-change bit retainers to enable easy bits-removal. They also use anti-vibration technology to reduce vibration. Both are designed to separate ball joints and tie-rod ends. You can use them for breaking loose frozen bolts. They are equipped with rubber handle grips and have variable easy-to-reach speed triggers. The short barrel hammer is used when speed is needed, and the long barrel tool is ideal when power is needed.

8V One+ Cordless 1/2 Gallon Electrostatic Sprayer -

This sprayer is user-friendly. It is lightweight and compact for convenient operation with one hand. It has an on/off switch to activates’deactivates the electrostatic technology when using chemicals for conventional spraying. This technology charges particles in the solution positive to give more efficient coverage of surfaces. The tool allows you to use water-soluble disinfectants or cleaning solutions. The sprayer offers three spray patterns for a variety of spraying applications.

KNIPEX PreciStrip16 (195 mm) 12 52 195 SB -

When you use this tool, you use only one pair of pliers to strip fine wires and solid round cables. The parabolic tripping blade makes it possible to do exact cuts and stripping. You always have a good grip as a result of its efficient clamps. It uses an automatism system to regulate the cut’s depth. The neutral point of this system can be adjusted in fine steps. The tool is comfortable to handle due to its dual-component ergonomic handle.

RIDGID 31305 Model E-110 Hex Wrench, 9-1/2-inch Offset Hex Wrench -

With this tool, you can always get a secure grip on unions and valve packing nuts, as well as all hex and square nuts. It is designed to also offer an extra-wide opening. This makes the tool ideal for securing drain nuts on tubs and sinks. The wrench can fit around pipes from 1-1/8-inches up to 2-5/8-inches. The smooth and thin jaws allow it to slip into tight spaces. A very convenient tool to have.

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