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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Diamond Countersink Tools - This universal diamond milling bit is for enlarging and shaping holes. It is not to make holes, it only bevels the hole and cleans and reinforces the hole’s borders. It can be used wet or dry and you can use it on glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles. The bit will always provide a smooth high-end finish. It reduces the possibility of cracking the material. It is ideal to use for furniture and bathroom and electric fittings.

Safe-T-Cable -

If you are frequently in need to install constraining devices to threaded fasteners, this system will benefit you. This system addresses the time-consuming problem. It offers a four-step solution. Firstly, a cable is threaded through the fasteners. Then the ferrule is threaded on the cable, and the cable inserted through the tool’s nose. Thirdly, the correct tension is applied with the tool and lastly, the ferrule is crimped. The cable is cut with the end of the ferrule. After discarding the excess cable, the job has been done!

VL62 – Series -

This series of tools are versatile and have to possibility to become your workhorse in your area of expertise. It offers a line of general-purpose screw driving systems. They meet a very broad range and variety of requirements. The series also includes a high capacity auto-feed screw gun system. This system is of construction-grade quality. It is a popular series as it is a one-piece system with no difficulty to work with attachments.

Mode 2 10A Type 2 to UK 3-Pin Plug Portable EV Charger -

This charger with LED gives you fault codes and charging time, as well as power and temperature displays. It offers a delay timing function enabling you to program delayed starting times. In this way, you can benefit from off-peak electricity rates. The charger is useable with any standard 13A socket, as it is fitted with an approved 13A plug. It is fully portable and very convenient to have. It comes with a case to be stored when not in use.

Rokamat Skate C -

This tool is designed for optimal surface compaction. It is easy to handle and delivers fast and efficient results. It is ideal for leveling and smoothing fresh concrete and screed. It can virtually smooth any concrete material. You can use it in small and large areas, and it is also available with water-injection. It comes with 2 batteries, a charger, and a base plate with Velcro Ø 350 mm, a perforated friction disc, a smooth friction disc and a carry case.

Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter for Wood, Dry-Wall, Granit, Glass (Patterned or Smooth), Tiles -

This hand-held lifting tool, released in 2019, revolutionized the way to lift and handle timber, plywood, furniture, drywall, tiles, glass and concrete. It is designed to reduce physical effort and workload. It can safely handle various construction materials. The grabber is ideal for flooring professionals, glass installers, carpenters, movers, and construction workers. It grabs any surface, whether it is wet, rough or porous. The manufacturers claim that it grabs material no other tool in the market can lift.

Air-Cooling Cordless Rope Cutter -

If you need a tool for cutting small quantities of fiber product, this tool is for you. It is hand-held and cordless and cut and seal a variety of synthetic materials. You can use it anywhere, as it is not depended on power. It is very safe to use. It offers temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius with its temperature adjustable knob. The tool uses a long-life Li-ion battery. It is very light-weight and user-friendly

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