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7 New and Amazing Angle Grinder to Fix Amazing Things

Pferd Tungsten Carbide Burrs For Aluminum


If you are frequently working with aluminum you’ll know that it has its challenges. Aluminum can be soft and difficult to work with. It can cause clogging. The aluminum burrs designed by this manufacturer are specifically made for this soft metal. It offers you the ultimate burr, with a unique cut. The applications open up a variety of possibilities where the burrs can be used. You can, amongst other applications, deburr and do contouring. You can also do milling out in preparation for build-up welding, and many more.

Metalynx UltraCut Thin Cutting Wheels

These cutting wheels give you a true 1 mm thickness. They deliver unmatched cutting performance and are very tough. It has been tested and proved that they are 20% faster than the closest competitor. The wheels deliver many cuts and you win by reduced change-overs. The wheels can be used very cost-effectively. As they reduce burrs you get super smooth cuts. Your welding is better because of the smooth and clean seams. The wheels are very stable and safe to use.

KGS Diamond Belt System

If you are in the power and gas, oil, transportation, printing, paper or pulping industry you have to consider this belt. It is designed for grinding and polishing thermal sprayed coatings. It is specifically engineered to replace both metal bond diamond wheels and film superfinishing systems. You use it for wet grinding and polishing cylinders with hard coatings. It combines the accuracy of rigid tools with the speed, consistency and ease of use of a flexible diamond belt system.

KGS Speedline Diamond Polishing Disc

This diamond polishing disc is new in the company’s range of polishing discs but is worth considering. It works fast and aggressively. The disc provides you with a nice gloss. It offers an excellent ratio of price to service life and performance. You can use the discs for wet polishing of different materials. It is suitable for granite, terrazzo, composite, concrete, ceramic, and many other materials. The discs guarantee high polishing results and quick stock removal.

Lessmann Steel Wire Wheel Brush

This wheel brush with shank filled with crimped wire has basically two applications. Firstly you can use it to remove rust from rods. It is ideal for threaded rods. If you have to clear rust often from rods before re-using them, this wheel brush is what you need. As you move the brush over the rusted rod you literally see how it gets rid of the rust, leaving you with a “brand new” rod. The second application is to remove temper color on stainless steel surfaces. As with the rust, you can see how the surface returns to its normal steel color.

Diewe Nokey Quick Release Nut

Are you tired of always searching for the right tool to release cutting discs from your angle grinders? You can waste a lot of time every time you need a tool to change discs. This release nut solves that problem. The quick-release nut works on grinders up to 230 mm in diameter. You simply loosen the nut by hand, replace the discs or other tools and tighten again by hand. You loosen and tighten the discs completely without any tools. The nut is made of steel and thus indestructible.

Diewe Diamond Socket Countersink A-Trix Blitz

This tool is designed for dry drilling in the hardest materials. It has a reinforced support body and optimized dust extraction. You achieve the best results with a soft impact machine. The tool has a very long service life and thus very cost-effective. You can apply it in concrete, highly compacted sand-lime brick, and hard materials with a bulk density of over 2.0

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