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7 New and Amazing Angle Grinder to Fix Amazing Things

Lessmann Brushes

This company offers a wide selection of industrial brushes for a variety of uses. The uses include, among others, brushes for thread cleaning, and the elimination of rust in sheet metal with channels. To do all these jobs they have different types of brushes. They manufacture circular brushes for use with grinders or stationary machines. They also offer many in the "tube cleaners" products that range from micro-abrasives for working in the smallest holes, to threaded brushes with special diameters. If you need a brush, this is the company to contact.

Kaindl Sharpening Station – For Sharpening Saws

If you have saws to be sharpened often you will be interested in this tool. This sharpening platform offers an alternative to bigger and more expensive machines. The platform is possible to sharpen different drills and saw blades. Saw blades made of HSS, Chrome-Vanadium (CV) or carbide tipped, are sharpened with very high precision. The diameter or tooth pattern don’t matter. It is very cost-effective as you can use the same platform for different sharpening jobs.

Kaindl Sharpening Station – Sharpening Carbide Drills For Steel

With this new sharpening platform, it is possible to sharpen many different drills and saw blades, including carbide drills for steel. HSS as well as carbide drills of sizes up to 16mm are sharpened with the four facet shape. This is a shape favored by craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts. This shape is used for drilling on flat and rounded surfaces. The grinding wheel is diamond-coated on three sides and has cooling holes.

Graff SpeedCutter

This circular saw for wood is a unique three-fluted circular saw. It is ideal if you have to work at high speeds of up to 12.200 rpm. The saw is designed to work with board, laminate, parquet board, plywood, fiberboard and chipboard, drywalls, plastic, and PVC. You can use it for wood carving, profiling, cleaning and grinding, cutting and grooving, longitudinal and transverse cutting of any wood. It is a very versatile tool and good to have in your workshop.

Bihui Cutting System For Large Format Tiles

This manual system for large tiles is very effective and efficient. You can work with it on tiles from 3 to 6 mm thick. The 3-rail system has a cutting ability of up to 3.6 meter. You receive your tool packed in a plastic case and tool bag. In the bag you’ll find 1 x Cutting Head, 2 x Cutting Wheels, 3 x Aluminum Suction Cups, 1 x Breaking Plier, 2 x Break Clamp Device and 2 x F Clamps. If you are frequently working with large tiles this cutting tool is a must.

Ingersoll Rand QX Series Torque Multipliers

This cordless angle torque multiplier ensures repeatable accuracy for all torque-critical joints. And in this process, you reduce your bolting time and cost. It is equipped with a premium gearbox and an efficient closed-loop transducer. This tool is world-class in quality. You can control the tool with its programmable configurations. The closed-loop transducer delivers a torque accuracy of +/- 5%. Its brushless motor guarantees maximum durability. The software allows operators to access and program basic fastening strategies.

Baumesser Universal Cutting Disc

Many times you don`t exactly know what kind of material you have to cut on construction, with your home repairs or working in the workshop. It can vary from steel, wood, and plastic to concrete and brick. It would be convenient if you can use the same tool on all these materials. This disc is doing it! With its diamond grains fixed with a strong metal bond in one layer, it can cut through literally anything. With these blades you can cut any material very quickly. An ideal disc to always have available.

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