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7 New Tools Every One Should Have Available On Amazon

Alcan Notching Tool

These sheets are designed to give a clean seam finish on eaves and facade endpoints. They can be notched in folded, straight, and profiled angled seams. It is easy and time-saving to handle the sheets. The handling is simple as you work on pre-profiled shares. You can also complete and rebate the cover set after you’ve notched the under-cover set. The cover only has to be disengaged after you’ve completely covered the roof. The sheets offer great cost savings if used correctly and efficiently.

Jonard Compression Tool

You can use this universal compression tool on F Connectors (RG59, RG6, & RG11), BNC Connectors (RG59 & RG6) and RCA Connectors (RG59 & RG6). With its dual head and adjustment dial designed for each unique connector, you can work with a variety of connectors. It is ideal for CATV and CCTV installation. It is equipped with a guide rule on the side of the tool. This ensures accurate and precise adjustments. For long life, it is made of high-carbon steel and comes with a black oxide finish. You have a comfortable grip on the tool’s ergonomically designed grips.

McElroy TracStar 1200

With this tool, larger pipe capability is available on the manufacturer’s line of self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machines. With this machine, you can fuse pipe from 16” OD to 48” OD (450mm to 1200mm). The onboard generator of this self-contained powers the heater and facer. For easy pipe transfer, they are positioned between the fixed jaws. You can remove the carriage quickly for in-ditch use. The engine features advanced emission control technology. You don’t need diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

iTool Line Tensioner

With this tool, you can have control over every pull on all your job sites, by only using your mobile device. You can set load limits and you will receive audible alarms on pulls with loads measuring up to 20,000 lbs. The tool accurately monitors and saves cable tension, and simultaneously prevents damage. You can increase safety and ensure that the cable is being pulled at a safe tension level by integrating the Safe Pull RLT.

TAG-Pipe Split Frame Clamshell Cutting And Beveling Machines

This split frame cold cutting and beveling machine works with pipes from 1” to 48”. With the machine, you can do external and internal beveling, counter-boring, J-prep beveling and compound bevels. You can use any kind of steel or exotic alloy. It works with 110V or 220V. It features a lightweight aluminum body that encases a steel inner ring gear. This ring gear runs on solid bearings. This makes the tool manageable but simultaneously extreme strong and durable. It offers a range of tools, power units, and accessories enabling you to tailor your machine to your particular job.

Kaindl Mini 35, Multi-Carver and Multi-Shaft

These three tools – a multi carver, multi-shaft and mini sander are used for milling and processing wood manually. The multi-carver is for milling and carving wood and comes with exchangeable carbide inserts. You can work with the carver in both horizontal and vertical directions. The multi-shaft collet holder is for one-hand angle grinding of 115/125 mm. It expands your angle grinder’s range. The mini sander is probably the smallest orbital sander in the market. It uses adhesive sanding discs of only 40mm in diameter. It comes with 10 pieces in the respective grit.

KUKKO 2-Armed Puller For Inner Bearing Rings

This 2-jaw puller adapter fits on most common axial holes, like VAG and other models. For durability and efficiency, the puller hooks are hardened and smoothed. It is equipped with an integrated clamp and has a mechanical pressure screw. When you’ve tightened the tension clamp, the pulling jaws grip below the Available on Amazon you want to remove. It loosens it before the actual process of removing it. The puller features a spindle headband to prevent the wrench from slipping off. You don’t have to grind, chisel or hammer when you use this tool.

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