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Cool Woodworking Tools and Machines That You Need To Know On Amazon

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1. TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig

With this cabinet hardware jig, you can easily and accurately install cabinet handles. The jig allows you to do the installation fast and easy. With the optional extended ruler attachment, you can make drawer banks even faster. If you have to install drawer handles frequently this is a must-have jig.

2. SRB165 Cordless Circular Saw

This compact but powerful battery-powered circular saw is equipped with a brushless motor. It is designed with automatic control to adjust the cutting speed according to the load conditions. The saw has a large support base for stability. You can make cuts from different angles. It offers maximum precision angular adjustment. For safety reasons, it is equipped with an electric brake.

3. Cowryman Multifunction Marking Gauge

This tool is a multifunction product. It is a marking gauge, a center finder, and a scribing compass. With the center finder, you find the exact center. It can mark up to 2-inches. The pen and pencil core are included. You can scribe both sides at once because of the two independently adjustable rods.

4. Power Arc Jig Saw Blade

This curved bi-metal blade flexes to resist breaking. This extends the blade’s life. The blade can handle increased speed as well. Its curved profile optimizes the angle of attach for fast cutting. In the manufacturing of the blade power blast technology is used to increase durability.

6. Multi-Function Router Base

This multi-function router base controls the power of your router and makes it an accurate portable milling machine. It even gives you micro-adjustment abilities. This multi-function router base fits most routers. After you’ve mounted the tool it can be moved in either a perfect arc or a controlled straight line.

7. Shelf Pin Jig

This shelf pin jig is the perfect tool when you’re adding shelf pin holes to an existing piece of furniture. You can also use it for building shelves from scratch. This shelf pin jig offers hardened-steel drill guides. This ensures precise and straight drilling. The result is wobble-free shelves.

8. GRR-Ripper

This product is a must-have for any table saw user. To make it easy for you to utilize the tool effectively, it comes with a 2-hour DVD illustrating more than 30 unique uses on different applications. This tool is engineered to give the most accurate cuts possible and simultaneously protects your hands at all times.

9. Scheer HM 25E Hand Router

This router is compatible with the Lignatool systems. It is equipped with a uniquely powerful universal motor for a 220 V AC. It is lightweight and only weighs 7.6 kg. The tool’s shaft is balanced on three bearings. It offers a fully electronic controller for 10,000 - 24,000 rpm, with a maximum stroke of 80 mm.

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