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Plumbing Repair DIY Tools for Plumbers in 2021

Christy’s Root Ban

If you are frequently working with drainage systems and pipes you are well aware of the problems caused by root growth that clogs pipes. This drainpipe adhesive might be your solution. It is designed to seal joints of exterior drain pipes with a diameter of up to 6-inches. You can use it for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, HDPE and Styrene drain pipes. The adhesive creates a strong, flexible joint. This keeps the roots out of the pipe and minimizes the risk of joint separation. By using it you eliminate chemical or mechanical cleaning or repair of drainage system joints.

Oatey Drains And Strainers

These brass and plastic no-caulk shower drains are designed for use with preformed shower stall bases. A rubber sealing washer seals the drain body to the shower base. It also has a fiber washer and locking ring. The drains are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and configurations. You can use it with PVC, cast iron, and ABS. The pipe is secured with a mechanically compressed gasket and thus does not require caulking.

Grohe Single-Lever Basin Mixer

This linear sink tap has a distinctive look because of its contemporary design. Round and square shapes have been combined to give it its unique look. The tap has a chrome finish. The tap is equipped with the latest technology. This technology allows you to save up to 50% on your water consumption. You also have smooth control of the water temperature and volume. You can install the tap very easily and quickly.

Roca Rimless Toilets

This rimless toilet is designed that with its unique new water distributor it not only flushes the water with more force than before, but it also distributes it in a more homogeneous way inside the bowl. There is a slight ridge added to the upper part of the bowl that enables the water to reach much higher and clean the entire surface. With this design, all angles and nooks where dirt might accumulate are avoided. This ensures comfortable cleaning.

Osma Rainwater Diverter

This device has been developed for house owners wanting to utilize rainwater as much as possible. The rainwater diverter kit is designed to channel rainwater from the house’s downpipe into a waterbutt. The fitting can be installed on a round or square downpipe. The device still ensures flow to underground drainage when your unit is full. This offers you a very environmentally friendly way of collecting roof water. It is available in black and white.

Remove and Replace Tiles with Wickes

This company is a home improvement retailer and garden center, based in the United Kingdom and has more than 230 stores throughout the country. It offers excellent hints and guides for DIY enthusiasts regarding home maintenance. The company stocks all the material and tools needed to do the jobs described in the guides. This guide is about the removing and replacing of tiles and it describes all the steps to be taken from the planning stage, right through the doing stage and ends with the aftercare instructions. If you want to repair something at home, look for this company’s guides and YouTube.

Elgef Piping Systems

You can’t go wrong if you use this company’s piping system for all water, gas and multiple industrial pressure applications. Their system has many features, including that it is corrosion-free, low weight, and has high chemical resistance. Another advantage is that it offers low overall costs and extended service life of installations. Each individual fitting and saddle is made to match. When everything is put together it forms reliable leak-proof connections. It is a modular system and many different end combinations can be devised.

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