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The World's 10 Amazing and Ingenious Parking Garages


This is a transformable robot called ray that adapts to the parked car. The robot will adjust its size to suit the car dimensions, the wheel base and the length. The robot uses the 3D scanning technology to help determine the size of the car. It records accurate information about the car in just a few seconds. This enables the vehicle to be parked optimizing spacial efficiency and the location of the vehicle in the car parking system.


This is a special and personal garage that is opened and closed using a conventional remote control. It has a perimeter equipped with LED lighting system. Also, you can add an aerator alarm, a solar panel, a vacuum cleaner and a grain sensor. Installing GazeBox is quick and easy and it does not require use of specialized tools. Also, the owner of this transparent garage can be improved by adding wood, aluminum or carbon to design it according to your style.


Finding a proper parking for your motorcycle is a hard task. Your bikes is left out exposed and unprotected from the rain, scotching sun and the snow. Without proper parking your bike is vulnerable to thieves. The BikeBox garage was created to solve this problem of parking your bike. It is a compact garage that can be placed anywhere. It helps guard your bike against strong sun rays, rain and snow. It also protects your bike from possible theft. This special garage is made from high quality materials to offer high reliability on every part of it. It is durable to offer you long time of service. The structure weighs 150 Kg with an outer length of 2.7 meters and a width of 1.15 meters and a height of 1.7 meters.

Platform Boat Lifts

The North Shore company creates special parking systems for yacht and boats. You can specially order a parking system for your boat and have it customized according to your wishes and preference. It will cost you approximately 2,000 dollars. This parking platform runs on electricity or a manual drive. This depends with the price and the model and the dimensions of the platform for lifting capacity and storing your boat. The platform can lift a weight of from 2.7 to 19 tons. The device is opened and closed by just a press of a button. The elevator is positioned just above the water to ensure safety. The structure has minimal contact with the water which makes it durable and long lasting. Additionally, this boat lift is fitted out with a locking system that safely secures the boat and the boat can be left for a long time, even up for a year.

Living Room Garage

This special garage is located inside the owner’s apartment. It was designed for people with sport cars to avoid theft, if parked outside. This living room garage is in Singapore and these apartments are equipped with two elevators. One for people and the other one for cars. The car is placed on a special platform and select the floor you are going to. Then the person uses the people elevator to get into the apartment where he will find his car too. It is parked inside a glass box.

Car Tent

This car Tent cannot be fully termed as a parking lot, it helps protect your car against UV rays from the sun, snow and rain. This is ideal where you cannot access an indoor or proper parking of your car. Car tent is fixed on the roof of your vehicle and can be adjusted according to the weather variations.

CarDock Car Lift

This parking concept was developed to help carter for parking demands due increasing number of cars on the road. This parking facility is convenient and space-saving. This parking system allows you to park your car under one another. This helps save space since one parking space can accommodate two cars at the same time. This parking system is powered by electricity and it can lower and raise the car at a speed of 0.15 meters/second. The dimensions of this parking structure is 5.3x2.6 meters with a carrying capacity of 2-3 tons. It is suitable for cars private house owners who does not have enough parking space. It is also used to transport cars to the underground parking spaces.

BendPak PL-14000

This car lift was made to solve the parking problems. This system allows you to pack three cars at the same time in the standard parking space. Also, the lift is made for both outdoor and indoor use. According to the developers, the system is highly durable and reliable. Additionally, the system has a load-bearing base that is designed to evenly distribute the weight. The system can support Sedans and SUVs. Every level can withstand a weight of approximately 3.1 tons. For higher safety standards, this parking structure is fitted out with strong steel lifting cable, automatic fuses and a reliable power source. The cost of the BendPack is 16740 dollars.

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