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Top 10 Amazing DRILL Attachments

1. Top 5 Super Useful Drill Attachments

Angle Driver

This is a flexible tool, the users can easily drive screws and drill holes into tight, tough and difficult work areas. It has a compact design with the measurements 2”wide, to allow it to fit into very tight spaces and areas where it’s hard to reach. You can quickly and conveniently change the chuck of this tool and it is suitable for cordless drills. It can use a regular ¼” hexagonal accessories. This adapter can support up to 235 lbs. of torque, because it is fitted with heavy-duty metal casing and steel gears ball bearing construction.

Weed Spinner

This is an easy to use tool and saves you time. It keeps you from health problems that come with bending and kneeling. You will no longer experience knee and back problems or use dangerous chemicals to kill the weeds. You just point the weed and squeeze the drill trigger, it pulls out the weed and roots in one spinning motion. It can work together with other cordless and electric drills. It can function perfectly in any earth surface like on rocky gardens, on gravels or hard surfaces. It can also be used for removing tree seedlings safely for transplanting.

Grain Mill Drill Bit

Instead of motorizing your hand mill, this tool turns your mill to a drill powered mill using Drill Bit Adapter. It is easy to use. Take away the handle, then fasten the bit to the drill, slip the bit towards the end of the shaft and the drill will help you mill your grains. Installing a drill will double speed up your manual work, however, you should not exceed the recommended speed of 160 RPM. High speed will cause your mill to wear out faster and cause a mess. This bit is coated with aluminum and it is durable.

Ideal Cable Cutter

This is a very flexible power blade cutter. It fits into nearly any drill with a minimum of 12 Volt battery. It is made up of heavy-duty, durable gears and exceptionally hardened blades for great quality. The blade is round shaped to decrease the instances of the cable bending while cutting. It is capable of cutting up to 750 MCM of hard drawn copper and up to 1000 MCM of aluminum. This tool will work with the drill, so you do not have to tamper with battery packs or special chargers.

AP Rivet Nut Drill

This tool converts corded and cordless drills into power rivet nut setters. Due to its innovative design, it can endure the force adapters 4x better. It is made of a single CNC machine aluminum billet and fitted with Japanese bearings and CR-MO mandrels. It pulls the rivet nut, instead of turning threads to set, thus reducing the amount of wear.

Malco Turboshear

This drill rotates up to 360° and clamps itself in position. It makes straight and fast cuts into solid thickness of 20-gauge spiral duct and 18-gauge galvanized steel. It effortlessly cuts through ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheets, metal roofing and building sheets, vinyl, steel mesh, ductwork and thick metals of furnace jackets, and automobile body panels. Its blades are replaceable and can attach directly to a cordless drill or a chuck of 14.4 voltage or a bigger A/C. This tool cuts through various building materials and pass through tight patterns and square cuts.

Drill Dust Collector

This tool helps to reduce the dust, while drilling into the wall. It has an innovative design that collects dust and fragments that fall off when you are drilling. It makes the cleaning process very simple and it saves you time and stress. It is fitted with a secure hold thus it does not cause damage to your wall.

This is a dust control and removal system. It helps to save your time and money. You can easily attach and detach, without the need to use tools. All functions are combined into one single module for simple use of the tool. You will not require a vacuum cleaner or additional hoses. It can be used with TE6-S, TE7, TE6-C, TE7-C and TE7-A.

Hyde Paint Mixer

This a multifunctional mixer, that easily mixes fluids of any viscosity without damaging the drill. It is made of 3/8” steel shank and a nylon mixing head. It is fitted with flexible ‘fingers’ that touch every part of the bucket for thorough mixing. It loosens up so it fits through a 5-gallon pour sprout, to allow use without opening the bucket. This mixer is simple to clean, gentle on your drill and durable.

Deburring Tool Bit

This tool saves you money and time. It repairs damaged bolts and thread nuts back in position. It simplifies the repair process and it’s easy and safe to use. You can avoid fire risks, since it does not overheat the piece you are working on and it does not spark or heat itself. It completely shears off the threads and does not fold over like using grinders. It can be used in, plumbing, fabrication, automotive and industrial.

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