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This gadget was made by doctors and professionals for correcting the posture of your neck. It helps in the strengthening your neck muscles and straightening your vertebra. It helps the user retrain the poster of the head. It is recommended that you should use it for just one or two minutes in a day to relieve pain, fatigue and prevent injuries that are caused by neck problems. Additionally, FitNeck makes you look and feel confident about your posture.

Power Up 3.0

This device is the first smartphone controlled air kit. It enables you to control your paper plane on air. It is Bluetooth enabled to allow you control the device using your smartphone for up to 10 minutes. It is equipped with a special frame with a propeller and a steering wheel. You can control it by tilting your smartphone in the direction you want your plane to fly or you can maneuver it left or right, ascend or descend using a throttle lever. The device can fly a distance of 55 meters and a height of 180 feet at a speed of 5 Mph. It is equipped with a small rechargeable battery.


This is a modern and effective device that is designed in the form of a braille. It is easy to use and learn. The learner just needs three hours to completely learn to identify letters and numbers written on the ELIA. It has easy to learn and understand traditional Latin symbols. The letters have an outer frame and interior symbols that form a basic characteristic of normal alphabetic letters

Furoshiki Shoes

These are uniquely designed shoes with no laces or buttons, but rather, you wrap them around your feet. The manufacturers of these shoes describe them as a foot wrapper. They create a pleasant feeling and they reliably cover your feet well. They are made from a soft elastic fabric that allows your feet to feel comfortable while wearing them. They are easy and quick to put on and remove. The sole is made from low density vibram outsole, thus they are not heavy for your feet. They are specially made for both men and women and they come in five different colors. They cost $110.


These are wireless earphones that perfectly fit your ears and do not fall off even under intense workouts. You can listen to music and receive your calls from PaMu. They are equipped with an intuitive touch controlled microphone. In addition, they are water proof, thus you can swim or train in the rain without worrying about them. The device is fitted with a ten millimeter drivers that reproduce sound ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hertz. It is equipped with an inbuilt batteries that can last for 3 ½ hours of continuous music play and 80 hours standby time. Each earphone weighs about 6 grams.

Sand Pendulum

This sand pendulum uses the force of gravity and friction to oscillate. It has a thread that suspends a container with sand. When the pendulum starts moving, its kinetic energy is converted into potential energy repeatedly, which allows it to keep moving continuously. As the oscillation minimize, the sand pendulum loses some weight which affects the trajectory of the oscillation. This is how the beautiful patterns are created. This brings the user relaxation and calmness while watching it oscillate. The Sand Pendulum costs $20.


This device uses both velocity and gravity to create a breath taking kinetic light display. It has an extreme velocity of 3600 RPM which brings about lightning speed lights and brings halos to your fingertips. You just wave your hand once to start spinning the halosphere. After it starts, blow air on it using a pipe provided on the kit to make the device increase its speed. The halospheres are made from stainless steel and polished with a mirror polish and then they are gold plated.


This gadget according to its manufacturers, it will soon replace ordinary markers. It is can mix up about one million shades of color like a normal color printer does. Picolor uses four color cartridges: magenta, yellow, black and cyan. It can be used with both markers and brushes. To paint, pick a color from your smartphone and send it to the device via Bluetooth connections. The device will have the paint in a container, then you can fill up the marker to draw or paint with a brush.


This is the world’s first comprehensive oral solution that does not require you to brush your teeth normally. It cleans 100% of your teeth, unlike the 60% cleaning done by ordinary brushing. It cleans even the hard to reach parts of your teeth like in between your teeth. It consist of three elements for maximum oral care, it has a dual headed attachment, gum massager and irrigating tip. This device uses water pressure from your shower, thus there is no need for batteries or plug in. The cleaning process is fast and it will only take you approximately 10 seconds.


Cardlax is a compact electric massager that you can bring with you everywhere you go. It produces massage stimulating muscles with minimal frequency currents in the range of 18 to 50 hertz. You can place it anywhere you wish in your body using a special gel. It come in three modes: standard mode, a strong mode and an easy mode which feels like a tingling feeling. It is equipped with four keys that you can use for controlling the device, but also, you can control it using your smartphone installed with a special application or Bluetooth connections. It runs on a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 140mH capable to last up to 10 hours.

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