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Top 10 Best Painting Gadgets

Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer

This sprayer pulls the paint directly from the 1-5 gallon can, for a quick and nonstop painting. It is portable, thus suitable for painting large indoor and outdoor spaces with less mess. It comes with an accessory nozzle for painting small spaces or touch ups. It has long hose that can reach up to 2-storey building. It has X-Boost turbine for flexible control, low overspray, and full coverage. It can be used to spray unthinned paints, latex and oil based paints. It has adjustment ring, for various spray directions and a spray width control for wide and narrow patterns.

Ladder Leveler Kit

This is easy fix ladder leveler kit and extends up to 10 inches long. You can safely use it on uneven ground surface. It effectively fit on aluminum, fiberglass, wood ladders and extensions. It comes with a leveler and 2 base units, which you can easily detach and attach on the side of your ladder. You control it with your feet while you let your hands free. This kit is made up of durable and great strength structural aircraft aluminum, which makes it very light to move and carry. You can add another set of base, to enable you use your ladder on multiple ladders.

Dandy Pro Paint Brush

It cleans the paint brush and roller in less than 60 seconds, without using harsh chemicals. It uses centrifugal force, through electric drill to professionally clean nearly all type of paints: Oil based, primers, acrylics, varnishes, undercoats, emulsions and polyurethanes. It saves you money, since you will not replace brushes because they are clogged in paint. Dandy pro can be used to clean a wide range of brushes from ½’’ to 5” sized brushes and rollers of 2” to 18” long and a diameter of 1 ½” to1 ¾”. To clean, slip the brush or roller onto the Dandy pro, spin and rinse clean.

Stack Rack

This is a 4 in 1 painting tool that allows you to paint the interior and the exterior of your doors, trim and kitchen effortlessly. You simply affix the racking system at the top and foot of the door with screws. Paint one side of the door and turn it and paint the other side and leave it to dry. This tool enables you to increase your painting speed, to save your time and do a perfect painting. When painting the trim, you can create rows of trim and stack them on top of one another. This will save you both space and time.

Emery Paint Edger.

When painting, you will no longer need to use the painting masking tapes.This edger is suitable on all types of surfaces like wood, rough stucco, uneven edges and on plaster. It can also be used with varnishes and stains and laquers. It lets you craft perfect edges on any surface. This edger has to shield edge reservoir design, to enable you paint easily and professionally. It comes with a 1.5 inch brush inclusive.

3M Hand Masker Dispenser

This dispenser loads the tape and the paper directly to the surface. It covers the surface well to guard from the destructions caused by running paints, drips, overspray, and roller mist. It can be used together with 3M masking film that are sold separately. It is lightweight and moveable. It is fitted with 11/6” blade and extension. For satisfactory results, you are required to use a 3M 2050” or a 2090” but it can fit a 3/4”-2” and a paper of 3”-18”. It can be used when painting, in wall finishing, drywall texturing or floor sanding. It is durable and impact resistant

Home Right Paint Stick

This is a 64’’ long stick and it paints with no drips or mess. You can easily paint 8x8 wall in 1 minute, thus saving you time. This stick simply draws the paint from the can, directly through the handle and up to the roller cover, by just twisting the handle. The handle is long enough for adequate reach, so that you do not have to bend over or use a ladder. It can hold 18oz of paint and paints evenly. After finishing, flush out the remaining paint from the handle to the can. For cleaning, twist the stick with water

Home Right Quick Edge Painter

This tool will quickly and efficiently paint the window trim, doors and ceilings. It has an inbuilt edging guide and a curved design of the applicator pad to enable you paint the edges with accuracy. The handle can take up to 4.5 ounce of paint, and it can paint up to 50 feet per fill. To refill the handle, gently press the trigger and pull the paint from the can. The trigger controls the paint on the 3 inch paint pad for smooth coverage. The pad revolves to 4 different painting spots for better flexibility and range.

LongArm Woodmates

This is a wide, 12” wood stain applicator, that gives you a neat design and an even finish. It saves time. It can color two boards in one swipe, it is 2x faster. It is fitted with tear-resistant and changeable, Flextech foam pad that holds more paint than regular pads. The inbuilt gap tool, paints the spaces in the middle of boards by locking a 180° swivel head. It has border ends to deliver a clean, crisp edges and to prevent the paint from slithering. It is recommended that you use it with an extension pole, to make the staining areas faster and simpler.

Paint2It Pro

This is an anti-gravity paint tray, which prevents the paint from spilling no matter the position you hold it. It has 4 holes to hold different tools and accessories. It is very convenient to use with a brush or roller. The tray pallet can hold up to 12 oz of paint so that you can easily soak the brush or roller. It can hold up to six colors without mixing them up. The liner is washable, therefore, you can use it for a long period of time without replacing it, thus saving you time. It has adjustable straps that make safe for heights.

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