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Top 10 Construction Inventions And Ingenious Tool

Road Zipper

This machine was developed to help maximize the road capacity and minimize traffic congestion on the roads. It enables more effective use of the roads while reducing the cost of movements. The machine uses a technology that controls the streets for a safe and dynamic highways with the ability to change the road configurations in real time. The machine does not interfere with the protection barriers. The Road Zipper is able to adjust the number of lanes on the road. Or increase and decrease the thickness of the lanes relative to the traffic.

TBM S-867

The operation and design of this machine is inspired by nature especially the worm. The machine digs it teeth into the rock and allows it to pass through the front. It is equipped with a drill that it uses for cutting surfaces. They are made from strong tungsten carbide, sharp carbide discs and special cutting blades for the stronger rock parts. Additionally, the drill can be used for drilling tunnels in tough terrains. The drill has a diameter of 26 feet and it weighs 660 tons. The size of the machine is approximately 400 feet.


This is a semi-automatic stonemason that can replace a team of manual workers. This machine is capable of laying bricks five times faster than a human being. Normally a stone mason can lay about 300 to 500 stone bricks in a day. This machine is capable of laying approximately 2000 bricks. This robot is programmed to accurately place the bricks and evenly distribute the ground. To operate this machine, one person is required to load the bricks on to the conveyer while the machine places them. Another worker is required to get rid of excess cement. The output of this machine is long lasting and very fast.

MB C-50

The total weight of this machine does not exceed a ton. Thanks to its high maneuverability, this crushing bucket can work in conjunction with other different compact excavators such as mini excavators. This machine comes in handy when bringing down small buildings, for gardening, for road construction and can be used to lay pipelines in places where the space is limited. The bucket has high productivity of 10 cubic meters/hour and produces high quality work. This machine is environmental friendly and flexible. This makes the working process of this vehicle safe for everyone. The machine enables you to reuse all the crushed material at the construction site.

AHK 36/2400 ac

This crane trailer is used for the construction. It is equipped with a modern master system. The crane can reach a height of 36 cm and can lift a weight of up to 2400 Kgs. The total weight of this machine is 3 ½ tons. With reliable fastenings, the crane provides stability and safety during the construction process. The crane is attached to the tandem chassis to offer safe driving and optimal distribution of load. Additionally, this crane can be set up in 256 different positions with the help of auto-levelling.

Atlant 4000

This is a robotic machine that is equipped with a robotic caterpillar base. It is capable of handling different types of tasks during construction. Due to its universality it can be installed with various hanging tools. Additionally, the machine has a hydraulic hammer that enables it to perform long and effective work. Also, with the rotating arm, the machine operator can install the hydraulic hammer at a 90° angle on any surface while ensuring the highest possible clamping force. Additionally, the machine is fitted out with conical claws, the brushings, reinforcement in the heavy area and hydraulic cylinders. They help to offer necessary dependability to withstand vibrations and shocks that are caused by the hydraulic hammer.

Brokk 90

This maneuverable machine is capable of performing demolitions in hard to reach areas where only use of hand tools is possible. This machine has a compact chassis, 11 kilowatt electric motor and a 12 feet 3 section manipulator. It is made to endure high dynamic pressure. Additionally, the machine performs construction using a strong hydraulic hammer. Thanks to its compact size, the machine can be transported on an elevator.

Crawler 78

This is highly compact machine that is capable of reaching a working height of up to 78 feet. It is highly maneuverable and it can reach the hard to access areas that are impossible for other machines. It can be used for tree care, cleaning glasses on high buildings or facility mentainance. It can pass through narrow fences and enter the narrow gates easily, go down steep slopes and it can even move on a swimming pool.

ETH Zurich Robot

This is a wooden structure with a strange shape and it was all made by a robot. Materials of different sizes were cut and put together to form a structure. The structure has an automated method that provide innovative feedback processes.

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