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Top 10 Construction Inventions And Ingenious Tool Part 2

Top 10 Construction Inventions And Ingenious Tool Part 2

Hadrian 105

This incredible machine works on bricks without human control. The machine can lay 225 7C bricks in just one hour. This is four times more than an ordinary brick layer. Hadrian 105 functions like a 3D printer or a conveyor belt. The developers of this machine installed a robotic arm on the heavy-duty truck. Additionally, the robot utilizes the three dimension model and it automatically builds a brick house. The machine applies the automated 3D projection system. Also, the machine can lay bricks and a margin error of ½ millimeter


This is a highly maneuverable machine, thanks to its compact size. It is easy to transport and does not need much assistance which helps in cutting down operation costs. Due to its small size, this machine guarantees flexibility and high quality productivity when compared to similar large machines. Also, the machine produces very minimal noise and emissions.


This hydraulic gripper machine is designed for laying paving slabs. The gripper can be used on multiple equipment such as the crawler wheeled excavator, mini excavators on rubber wheels, backhoe loaders, stacking machines, and other multifunctional loaders. The machine is equipped with two rubber clips with each of them having a guide roller that can be placed in six different positions. The machine is durable even under heavy loads. The machine is fitted out with a hydraulic clamping device that guarantees a flat surface at the joint layers.

The BOD 3D

Today the printing technology has been widely used even in construction. A whole building can be constructed using this technology. This printer applies the standard compositions based on M300 to 500 cement that is readily available in different countries. Additionally, this printer is capable of producing 20 millimeters high layers and 50 to 70 millimeters wide. The walls are strong and highly resistant and can construct rooms of any shape, thanks to its laminated structure. This machine can construct both the thin interior and the bearing walls.

Road Printing Machine

Thanks to this machine, it is now easier to pave wide roads at a speedy pace. This road printing machine places whole layers of ready-made stone on the road. The model of this machine was first introduced to the world by the Dutch company and started to work on roads in 2009. It is a self- propelled tiger stone that is worked on by two or three people who help place the brick on the inside of the machine. These bricks are pushed further inside the machine to form a unique road pattern to spread on the road. It can cover up to 300 square meters of road in just a day. The machine comes in four, five and six widths. It is powered by electricity, therefore produces very minimal noise and emissions.

Husqvarna DXR 310

This machine was designed for demolishing structures and for other small jobs both indoors and outdoors. It is easy for this machine to access hard to reach areas and for industrial jobs. For instance, this machine is capable of destroying a wide variety of materials such as bricks, cements, construction stairs, balconies, roofs and work in difficult and enclosed areas. This machine is equipped with a telescopic swivel arm that is able to cover a working area of approximately 18 feet. It is made from high quality steel to enable it withstand heavy weights.

ERO Concrete

This machine was made to offer quick and effective demolition. It is suitable for bringing down concrete materials. Additionally, the robot is equipped with special technology that enables it to work without leaving any mess behind. There is no garbage or dust left behind after the demolition process. It eats up the waste from the demolition. The demolished materials can be used for constructing new buildings. It is equipped with a water stream with high pressure that is capable of destroying concrete and other building materials. This helps convert the waste materials and dust into free materials which are packed and transported in special compartments. The robot is still under development and will soon come in the market.

Collomix System

This is a special handheld machine that is designed to apply motor on various types of slabs such as sand, stone and bricks. It does not rely on electric power to operate. The machine has a lateral support that enables accurate alignment of the construction sheet and for proper adhesion on the edges. Additionally, this machine applies a special technology that enables it to apply the mortar evenly which makes it achieve an optimum layer for secure bonding of the plates. This helps save a lot of time at work and it guarantees accuracy and high quality work. This machine runs on a powerful 18 V, 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery.

Flight Assembly Architecture

This six meter tower is equipped with 1500 blocks of polystyrene foam that are laid out above each other in a strict way. It is the first structure to be constructed by the flying robots. Using a pre-programmed robots, these compact devices are capable of transferring, grabbing and assembling blocks into a single structure. This device can also interact with each other while flying without colliding with one another.

Guardian GT

This machine is equipped with one or two dexterous arms mounted on the wheeled base. It is has technical characteristics with a load capacity of approximately 400 pounds. It has a speed of 4 miles/hour. This machine can be used in both industrial construction and also in helping out during the dangerous and emergency situations. The operator of this robot can operate the machine from a safe distance.

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