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Man TGX Lion

According to the manufacturers of this model, it offers the best solution for transporting cargo in long distances. It has low fuel consumption, making the truck more economical and reliable. The driver’s cabin is comfortable to ensure safety on the road and it also affects the performance on transportation of goods. The truck comes in three different height options and varying sizes of the berth. The vehicle is equipped with effective aerodynamics and many auxiliary electronic systems that enable the truck achieve high performance with low fuel consumption. This vehicle has a carrying capacity of 20 ½ tons. Additionally, the truck has leather seats and Alcoa aluminum wheel disks.


These Harley-Davidson trucks are excellent and unique, with special features being applied on the cabin to ensure that the driver is comfortable. The driver’s cabin is equipped with furniture that are necessary for the driver. The resting and the working area are separated by a wooden floor. It has a bed which has a lifting system and a flexed mattress that was made by expert health practitioners to ensure that the driver is comfortable and it is safe to sleep on. Additionally, the cabin has ergonomic swivel seats and a sofa bed. Also, the truck is fitted out with a 17” LCD TV with a DVD player and a sound system with 11 speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer. Lonestar is also equipped with a working desk and other office equipment and a small refrigerator. The truck has 15 Cummins that is available in 400-605 HP and 1450-2050 lbs. of torque to provide power and high performance.

Super Dump Truck

These trucks are capable of carrying goods weighing up to 26 tons. It is equipped with a strong trailing axle which enables the truck to adjust itself in accordance to work demands. The truck has four to seven axles and it has a pay load of between 19-26 tons. The truck is very fast and has a huge payload, which makes the Dumps truck the most reliable and convenient trucks on the road. It is convenient and easy to use. The chassis of the trucks are made from high strength steel for durability and optimum weight distribution. The super dump trucks are more profitable because they can haul significantly more payload per trip.

Iron Knight Truck

This truck is considered a racing model and it was manufactured by Volvo Company. The Iron Knight broke the world record during the 1640 foot race. It achieved an average maximum speed of approximately 80 miles in one hour in less than 14 seconds. The average speed of the truck on a 3281 foot distance was 105 miles per hour at 21.29 seconds. The truck has a capacity of 2400 horsepower. Additionally, this truck can accelerate to a speed of up to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds.

Kenworth T680

This is considered the best commercial truck due to its aerodynamics and the high-end technology used. The driver’s cabin is comfortable and spacious, equipped with modern technologies which makes it to have a home effect. The cabin has a width of 6.8 feet and can accommodate bed. The pedals have narrow angles as compared to other trucks to offer the driver a comfortable and a simpler driving experience. It has two seats fitted out at the working area. In addition, the cabin has computerized panel with a stereo system, a refrigerator and cubicles for your luggage. Also, the innovative technology helps in monitoring and detecting any issues with the truck before they distract normal operations.

Volvo Concept Truck

This Volvo hybrid truck was created to help in reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It maximizes the effectiveness of cargo transportation and minimized consumption of fuel. The truck is equipped with tires that are resistant to rolling. In addition, the aerodynamics are equipped with improved panel deflectors that help in protecting the wheels. Also, it has an inbuilt intelligence system that analyze and calculate the efficient and economical algorithm for both the engine and the electric motor. Another important feature about this truck is that it saves on energy when driving downhill and uses the saved energy on normal terrains. This helps in cutting down on the fuel cost by approximately 30%.

Electric Trucks-Scania

This truck works the same way as the trolley bus. It gets electricity from a two wire contact network above it. The trucks only rely on the electricity power which will help in minimizing fossil fuel emissions almost 80 to 90% and fuel consumption by 50%. The trucks have been tested on a 1.2 miles stretch in Sweden. The truck is equipped with a pantograph that connects the truck and the power lines. When overtaking a slower vehicle, the driver will just use the turn off signal and the pantograph will automatically switch off and he will overtake just like normally.


This is a luxury house truck. It runs on a 200 HP three-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 170 horse power. It has a 2 bedrooms divisions, a garage that can fit a sports car, a living room and a terrace that covers the entire roof of the truck. In addition, the truck is fitted out with a Jacuzzi that has illumined effects and water jets. The roof of the truck is made from quality steel and teak wood that is non-slip and it is resistant to sun heat and water. The terrace is big enough to accommodate an array of activities and objects such as a folding bar, a grill and a picnic table. The truck comes with a generator that provides power energy for all the truck and the appliances in the truck. For maximum comfort, the vehicle has a coffee machine, piped in water, microwave and a fridge. It has a 100 liter containers for water storage and sewage. It can accommodate up to 10 people.

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