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Top 10 Gadgets In The World

⦁ Dashbon Mask

It is a mobile device that doubles as a movie theatre and headphone and you can use it anytime and anywhere without causing disturbance. Using the HDMI cable, you can connect your smart phone to the headphones for great quality sound and spectacular and immersive movie watching experience, on a massive screen. It has inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours. It comes with a USB power adapter for charging.

⦁ Matrix Power Watch

It is a unique watch that does not require charging, it is powered by your body heat and operates on advanced thermoelectric technology. It accurately measures the activity level of your body, tracks the quality of your sleep and precisely measures burned calories. The power meter at the screen of the watch, displays how much electrical energy your body is generating. It keeps count of the steps your body is making to ensure you are active.

⦁ Vitastiq 2

This is a gadget that tracks your vitamins and mineral levels and it tracks up to 26 different minerals in your body. It is wireless and made of titanium, thus it is light, portable, durable, accurate and simple to use. One can personally take their own readings because it is easy and offers a thorough guidelines for each step. It is compatible with your smartphones and tablets, and offers a free Vitastiq APP that permits you to create extra profile.

⦁ Delux Designer

This is device that helps you create, paint, edit, and design effortlessly, with just one recap key. It saves you from remembering all the shortcuts keys and from spending a lot time on monotonous work that can be done by one press of a button. It has more than 50 customizable keycaps, to help you program your tasks into just one key to make your work load simpler.

⦁ Ice Orb

This is a floating wireless and handy Bluetooth speaker that rotates around a magnetic base, to give you an exciting musical experience. The orb has great quality speaker system, allowing you play music at high volume levels without noise or alteration and does not compromise on the quality or the clarity of the sound and music. It can be used as unconnected Bluetooth speaker, and it is light and portable. It has an attractive unique design that is sensible in great functionality.

⦁ Snap

Snap 4k is a wearable tiny action camera, it only weighs 79g and size 45x45mm. It has a water proof case, magnet stand and clip to easily attach to anything while on the move. You can easily capture your biking, running, skating, and various creative experiences activities. It has 180 degree flip lens, with ultra-high definition and full retina display, to enable you film easily from any angle. It produces 12MP images and 4K@2SFPS1080P video excellence with accurate color reproduction.

⦁ Lynq

This a location tracking gadget, that enables you find people or pets in crowded or remote areas. It shows direction and distance at a wide range signal of 5 km and operates anywhere under open sky, it does require network, maps, monthly fees or connectivity of any kind. It is private and secure and can trail up to 12 people at once. Its alert system will vibrate, ring and lights up immediately when someone goes out of the selected location.

⦁ Swift Point GT

It has ergonomically compact design that keeps you from health problems, such as cramping and pains experienced with draw grip and it helps you improve on your efficiency. It replaces the old-fashioned mouse and has excellent additional features. It is portable, weighs only 24 grams and ideal for MAC OXS, and well-suited for windows 7, 8 and 10, Android tablet or notebook. It fast and easier to use and can connect via Bluetooth or USB. All you need to do is swipe and scroll to access where you need.

⦁ Moov Now

This device is your personal fitness coach, that show you new skills and directs you while you coach. This APP gives you audio direction in your workout, by tracking your heartbeat rate and body movements simultaneously. Moov saves your data and assist you to intensify your performance while also encouraging you to push yourself more. It guides you to reduce instances of injuring your body, since it senses every specific motion you make. It is water proof, thus ideal for running, cycling and swimming.

⦁ NOZzER Watch

It is the world’s best gadget that keeps you from falling sleep. It is useful when you need to stay conscious but you are exhausted and sleepy, this device will give you a superb natural anti-sleep effect. It increases your neural functioning in the brain by affecting the tactile nerve endings. Therefore, you cannot fall asleep while the program is turned on. The NOZzER technology uses exclusive and intelligent algorithm against the skin and the manual control to bring about instant anti-sleep effect.

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