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Top 10 Intelligent Machines And Equipment #3

DEERE 1050 K

This crawler excavator has high power and great operating weight that considerably maximizes its productivity. It is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 350 horsepower. The speed of the engine can be adjusted to an economic mode and it enables fuel saving by approximately 25%. It is equipped with a dual circuit

transmission, which allows you to transfer the full material sheet without losing power in curves. It has a maximum speed of 12km/h both on reverse and frontward movements. The machine is controlled using a joystick and due to its huge size the vehicle is capable to successfully excavate and construct the road.

Caterpillar D11 R

This bulldozer is equipped with a reliable 8-cylinder 850 horsepower/kilowatts. It has a caterpillar engine of 1800RPM with a volume capacity of approximately 34 ½ liters. It is strong and stable, therefore it can handle any type of ground work. The D11R has a speed that reaches up to 12km/h and a reverse speed of 14km/h. Its digging depth is 67 ½ centimeters. The total weight of this crawler is approximately 105 tons, with a bucket capacity of 63 cubic meters


This trencher is equipped with a Volvo TWD 1240 VE engine with a horsepower capacity of 450. It has a fuel tank with a volume of 92ac0 liters which ensures long working period without refueling. This machine can develop a maximum speed of approximately 3.2km/h. It dig trenches of various depths between 1.2 to 1.6 meters. The total weight of this machine is 32 tons. In addition, the operator’s cabin is equipped with air heating and air conditioning. This is to ensure that the operator is comfortable and safe. This machine is easy to operate, the control system is equipped on the driver’s cabin.

Next Trencher

This machine was manufactured by a Spanish company 30 years ago and has been constant modification up to date. This model has a compact and unique design and it applies modern technology. It is designed for digging trenches suitable for hard and abrasive surfaces. It is fitted out with an engine with a capacity of 760 horsepower. It has a digging capacity of about 12 to 150 cm wide and a depth of approximately 5.5 meters.

Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1

This a moveable crane that is designed carrying and installing heavy loads. It is equipped with the longest telescopic boom in the world. It measures 100 meters. Also, the machine can be attached to different grid extensions cables. This crane is fitted out with a y-shaped boom that offers it with an extra carrying capacity of approximately 1.2 tons. The crane runs on an automobile nine chassis. The width of the running gear measures 3 meters, while the transport length measures 4 meters. In addition, it has two rotating parts and one static part. The first part consist of the frame and the running gear, while the second part consist of the boom and its operating system. Also, there is extra equipment attached by a pivoting device that is used for load transfer.

Liebherr L 586 XPower

This wheel loader machine is designed for both innovation and performance. It has a low fuel consumption, it is strong and durable and it cabin features offer comfort for operator. It has a tipping load of 22,500 kg and the maximum operating weight of 33,600 kg. In addition, the power train technology of this machine enables it to work efficiently and offer high productivity. It runs on a Tier 4F engine with power capacity of 354 horsepower. The transmission is supplemented by a leap air power efficiency system that helps in fuel consumption reduction by 30%.Another important feature about this machine is that the power between the hydrostatic and mechanical drives is evenly distributed. This ensures that the weight of the load is reduced on all the parts of the machine, thus lengthening its service life. The buckets are picked based on the nature of the task.

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