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Top 10 Intelligent Machines And Equipment #4

Top 10 Intelligent Machines And Equipment #4

Vermeer CT 718-Vermeer CT 718

This vehicle was created for the processing of raw materials and soil. It has a maximum speed of 6 km/h and it is capable of processing 4535 metric tons per hour. In addition, this machine is fitted out with a caterpillar C15 Tier 3 6-cylinder diesel engine that produces 4002.7 kilowatts of power. It has a torque capacity of 2460 newton meters. This machine is equipped with a four-wheel drive. For comfort, the operator’s cabin is fitted out with an adjustable seat with air suspension and air conditioning. The machine is controlled using a control levers that up the operation speed and operators comfort.

Wirtgen WR 2400

This compact machine is designed for recycling and renovation of pavements. It runs on a Mercedes Benz engine with 314 horsepower and a displacement volume of approximately 16 liters. Its fuel tank has a capacity to hold up to 1200 liters. It has a total weight of 29 tons that is why it is used as a soil stabilizer. WR400, makes pavements by mixing granular materials with binders like foamed bitumen.


Wabco 333FT

This vehicle is created to level and process earth surface that is covered with many materials. It has a speed of about 55 km/h. This vehicle runs on a General motors Detroit 12 V 71 ST Diesel engine. It is equipped with a turbocharger with power that can reach up to 1000 horse power at 2100 RPM, depending with the nature of the task it is undertaking. The maximum speed of the rotary chain fixed on the machine is 4 ½ km/h. The machine weighs 63 tons and when fully loaded it weighs approximately100 tons.

&H 4100XPC -

Caterpillar R1700 G

This is a forklift that was designed for underground mining, it has a compact body design. This is a high performance model that is cost-effective, in that, it has minimal operating costs. In addition, it is long-lasting and durable, the body of this machine is made from sturdy materials, thus minimal maintenance cost. It is equipped with a C11 engine at 1800 RPM. The total weight of this loader is 52 ½ tons and it can handle approximately 14 tons of loads. The operator’s cabin is fitted out with an ergonomic settings, an inbuilt rollover protection, temperature control and soundproof to offer the driver a comfortable working environment. Depending on the circumstances and special requirements of the task, the bucket is individually picked from the two choices. The buckets are made from wear resistant materials to prolong their service life.


Bauer MC 128

This huge crawler weighs approximately 172 tons. It runs on a powerful caterpillar engine and it produces 1800 RPM. It has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 200 tons, with an operational weight of about 172 tons. It is equipped with two winches and the boom has measures 54.4 meters. In addition, the operator’s cabin is designed to offer excellent comfort to the driver. It has an ergonomic design which helps in reducing the drivers fatigue and also ensuring high accuracy when working. The cabin is fitted with an ergonomic seat, air conditioning, temperature regulator, sound insulation and excellent visibility of the work area.

Fendt 1050 Vario

This vehicle was designed for handling tough work in the fields. It is equipped with a special traction, a compact design and low fuel consumption. In addition, it is possible to regulate the pressure of the pneumatic wheels which helps in lengthening the life of the machine and reducing the costs of constant mentainance. It is equipped with an 800 liters fuel capacity and an engine capacity of up to 517 horsepower. This tractor has a maximum speed of 60 km/h and a reverse speed of approximately 33 km/h. The total weight of this tractor is 14 tons. Also worth noting is that this machine can be used with various fittings like the rear and the front axle. The vehicle is very efficient and can work on heavy loads and different types of terrain. It is also user friendly, the driver’s cabin is protected from vibrations and fitted with a thermal and sound insulation, and hence the driver is less tired.


Fendt 310 Vario High Clearance

This tractor is designed for loosening the soil in the fields with tall and delicate crops such as apple trees. It is compact and it only weights 4 tons. It is equipped with unique features such as extremely high suspension. In addition, this tractor has low fuel consumption rate with a fuel tank. It can hold up to 210 liters of fuel that can last for the entire working day, without refueling. It has engine capacity of 105 horse power and 500 hour mentainance interval. This machine has a long-lasting service life. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 40 km/h.


Grimme GH 6 Eco

This is a milling tractor that is designed for creating beds in the field that range from 75 to 91 cm. The tractor is fitted out with different types of accessories that operate with different types of soils. The teeth to use on the vehicle are individually picked based on the working conditions and the kind of work. For instance, a rigid frame is used when working on loose soil without stones and a spring loaded housing for rocky soil and for large fields it is ideal to use a coma with distinct rows. In addition, this vehicle is capable plucking out weeds without using manual labor or use of chemicals. This tractor has a length of about 198 cm with a width of approximately 478 cm. the machine is foldable to enable easy and convenient transportation on the streets.


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