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Top 10 Intelligent Machines And Equipment #5

Bracke T26b

The manufacturers of this machine are well known for making forest machineries and equipment. Their main objective is to safeguard the land and conserve the environment, while at the same time upholding the technological and economic efficiency, in the conservation and management of forests. This machine is used for land preparation for planting trees. It is capable of ploughing large tract land in one run and it can conveniently work in tough terrains. The disks has a diameter that can reach up to 1.4 meters, this ensures high performance of the machine. The control system of this machine is computerized and the operator can apply all modes and functions quickly and effortlessly.

Mastenbroek 30/20

The manufacturers of this machine specialize in the manufacturing of equipment for laying tunnels, pipes and ditches cables. Mastanbrouke is used for the draining trenches. It has a Volvo engine that produces 285 kilowatts and an engine capacity of 308 horse power. It is capable of digging trenches with a depth of up to1.3 to 2.3 meters with a width of 45 centimeters. In addition, it is equipped with hydraulic heights adjustment that enables loading convenience using a loading hopper.

Vermeer T655

This trencher is equipped with a 6 cylinder caterpillar C-13 Tier 3 electronic engine with a horse power capacity of 415. In addition, the vehicle is fitted out with a Vermeer tech plus electronic control system. The motor has a speed of 2100 RPM. The digging depth of this machine is regulated by the adjustable sectional boom. It is also fitted out with a long track measuring 447 centimeters. The hydrostatic transmission fitted with a planetary gearbox of this machine is multidirectional. The machine is capable of digging a depth of 430 centimeters and a width of 65 to 110 centimeters. The total weight of this machine is approximately 53 tons.

Bucket Wheel Excavator

This rotary excavator is used for soil treatment. It can also be used with other different accessories such as cutters and bucket scrappers that are attached on the rotary wheel. With the rotation of this excavator it is capable of dismantling the hard rocks. The rotary riffle fitted on the excavator is used to create weak resistant overburden. This system moves the rock to the disposal site through the conveyor from the rotor wheel. The wheel has a diameter of 18 meters and a bucket capacity of 1600 liters. In addition, this vehicle has a high productivity handling up to 10,000 cubic meters of soil in one hour.

Hitachi EX1900-6

This large hydraulic machine is specially designed for working on mining quarries and it is also used for intensive work and handling huge and bulky rocks. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and it is built from sturdy materials that keep it from damages by external factors that result from operating in tough conditions. It is equipped with a single bucket with a maximum capacity of 12 cubic meters. The good level of the bucket ensures short operating cycle, low operating costs and high quality output. In addition, this machine runs on a Cummins QSK 38C engine with power capacity of up to 1086 horsepower. It has an operating weight of 1092 kilograms, while the direct shovel weighs 1090 kg.

Delmag RH 24/270

This drilling rig is specially designed for piling but it has dimensions that allow it to be used for working with casing strings. This rig has versatile functionality and operations, the rotary head is fitted out with a docking system which affords a speedy and easy arrangement at work. The total weight of this machine is 70 tons and it is equipped with a powerful engine capacity of 276 kilowatts. In addition, this machine has a drilling depth of up to 40 meters. It equipped with a flexible fuel pump for accurate control of the piston stroke and impact energy.

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