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TOP 10 Modern Space Saving Furniture

Smart Cupboard This unique and cavernous piece of furniture is equipped with a lot of shelves and a combination of doors. It is multi functional and easy to use. You can transform one of the drawer into a chair and another into a table. You are required to pull it out from the basic cabinet. In addition, the smart cupboard has a wardrobe that can be transformed into a sofa by lowering one of the shelves. Also, the furniture is fitted out with a mirror for your wardrobe. The Transformer Bench This is a wooden folding bench, fitted out with a strong metal fastener. The bench can withstand a weight of up to 1500 pounds. Additionally, it has a length of approximately 10 feet. The transformer bench is equipped with inbuilt wheels that enables you to move it freely around the house. It can be used as a coffee table, a footstool or a storage for the other five extra wooden panels. Also, this bench can be transformed into a bed, thanks to its special integrated floor. Avivi: Smart Kitchen This Israeli company has been manufacturing unique kitchens and bathroom accessories with a sole reason of saving space. The company uses intelligent technology to create their units instead of the normal bulky and traditional materials. The Avivi Smart Kitchen is equipped with a combination of sliding pieces to operate it. The working area is fitted out with a stove, which is placed under the panel. This is a smart way to save space because, the working top is not needed often. The sliding doors allow you to access the oven and plates on the shelves when you need to use them. This Smart Kitchen has minimal decorations making it more airy and elegant. Additionally, the unit is safe for your pets and children around the house. Pratico This is queen size storage bed equipped with a gas lift. This bed has a stunning design, excellent functions, form and outstanding beauty. It is equipped with a 13 inch deep base to offer you an ample storage space. These storage compartments are located beneath the mattress. They vary in size and number depending with how you have positioned them or provided by the manufacturer. Also, worth noting is that the corners of the bed are rounded to prevent you from knocking your legs when moving around. The gas lift mechanism allows you to easily and quickly open and close the Pratico at your convenience. Flat This is a set of furniture that is fixed on the wall. It is a convertible unit that enables you save up your living space. The Flat is equipped with many storage units, such as drawers, a wardrobe and a bed. All these compartments can be opened by just pressing a button. The bed can hold a 60 x 80 inch mattress. It has inbuilt lighting system that lights up bright LED when you open the door. The bed is placed at the middle part of the Flat unit. The mattress is safely attached to the bed using safety straps. Smart Room This universal smart room has features of different types of furniture. It is equipped with a closet with enough to storage for your clothes and other things. The shelves are well fitted to offer you a long time of service. In addition, the Smart Room is equipped with a comfortable moveable sofa that can be set up in two versions. The unit holds a single bed that is assembled by making a few movements and adjustments. Additionally, the Smart Room is equipped with a big dining table. Filograno Arredi This kitchen unit was created in Italy. Unlike its analogue predecessor, it is fitted out with remote controlled drawer system. You can turn the lights on and off, open and close the doors manually or using the remote depending with the model of your unit. In addition, the unit is equipped with a special system that enables the user to open and close the top cabinets using the buttons located on the inside of the unit. Also worth noting, is that the user can access the lower drawers by touching a certain special point located at the bottom with your foot. This is convenient for people who have difficulties bending and it also helps save time as you do not have to keep bending all the time to access the bottom drawers. Hover This unique piece of furniture is suitable for people with apartments with small space or for those who work from home. It allows you transform it into a queen size sleeping bed and a working station. When the unit is folded, it looks like a long cupboard against the wall. It fits well on the wall and it does not have handles for a neat and smooth finishing when folded. It is equipped with silver hidden legs that open from the side. Additionally, the unit comes with a comfortable 12.55 inches mattress. The mattress is secured by straps tied across the mattress. Smart Sofa Unlike other ordinary sofa we are used to, this smart sofa can be divided into two and can be converted into two armchairs. The furniture can be converted into a folding table.

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