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Top 10 Most Satisfying Transforming Vehicle

Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport’

This normal Boeing 777 transformed into a robot when landing in a Frankfurt airport. The now plane transformed robot runs a little along the run way and pulls a little dance. It also acts as if pressed and needs to use the bathroom as it runs off to an open hangar. Later the robot is seen hilariously seen on the hangar as is it is using the bathroom.

AeroMobil 3.0

This vehicle has features of a car and an airplane which leaves you to choose the best mode of transport; road or air. It is equipped with a powerful engine, which makes it more convenient and flexible than ordinary helicopters. You can choose to fly on any kind of weather with this AeroMobil. The vehicle can develop a speed of 200km/h on air and 160 m/h on the road. It can accommodate 2 crew members and 2 passengers. The total weight of this vehicle is 600 Kgs.

Black Knight Transformer

This vehicle uses advanced tactics technology. The vehicle can quickly transform from a vehicle to a helicopter. It is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, on and off road driving and forward flights. For the forward and vertical flights, the vehicle is fitted out with eight piston driven engine on the sides of the hull and a four engines. Each engine is responsible for driving a two-bladed, fixed-pitch propeller. The engines are controlled by a digital control system that changes the power plants during takeoff. This vehicle has a maximum speed of 70 mph. It measures 71 feet long, 19 feet wide and a height of 8 feet.

Kormaran Transforming Boat

This boat can transform into six different configurations by just a press of a button. The parts of this boat are made from a carbon material, stainless steel and titanium. The decks of the boat are from teak wood while the seats are made of Boxmark Xtreme leather. You can open up the bathing platform and the butterfly wing doors to transform it into an elegant and luxurious luxury island. You can sunbathe, swim, dive or party from this platform. On a flight mode, the boat can reduce water resistance by 80%. The hydrofoil technology and the transformation system enables the boat to cruise on shallow waters and even dock on the shore.

Wild Fennec Prototype Defender

This is an upgraded classic land rover. It has a fully equipped and a functional kitchen, a bedroom, a dining area and a bathroom. It has an expandable rear to enable it accommodate all this. The opening and closing of this vehicle takes only 45 seconds. The toilet can be stored away at the walls of the cabin.

Mercedes VARIO Alkoven 1200

This is a mobile home Mercedes truck. It is 12 meters long and about 4 meters high. This mansion truck is equipped with tiled floors, heated bathroom, a functional kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. In addition, this truck has a 32 inch TV, a steam cooker, washing machine and has a tank that can hold up to 500 liters of fresh water and 390 liters fuel. Another important feature of this vehicle is that it has a security surveillance cameras with a video camera for external surveillance. It is equipped with solar charged 1.200 Ah batteries.


This car is a real robot in disguise. The Turkish engineers spent 11 months to create this prototype car called ANTIMON. When it is on the car mode, it can be driven using a remote control. With just a press of a button, this beautiful car turns into a giant robot with kinetic fingers, it can move the waist and arms. According to the developers, this car-turned robot does not walk, but you provide an extra funding to include the walking feature. Letrons are not for sale currently, but the company can make considerations if you can show the reason for the use and the meets the Letron’s Company criteria.

Doubleback VW Camper

This camper van opens up at the top and slides electronically backwards to increase its size up to six feet. According to its manufacturers, this vehicle is made from air craft grade materials. This makes it light weight and durable. The VW Camper weighs 300 pounds and it can withstand a weight of up to 1,300 pounds. It has a fully equipped and functional kitchen. The vehicle runs on a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine. The Doubleback VW Camper can accommodate up to five people.

EO Smart Connecting Car

This is a concept car developed by a German Company. It is made for driving in densely populated and large urban centers. The wheels of the car can be turned perpendicularly to the curb. This car can crab towards the sideways to make parking easier as compared to parallel parking. Additionally, the car can suck in its gut by lifting its body over the rear axle to enable it reduce from its full length of 7.2 feet to 5.2 feet. It is equipped with an in-built battery that takes up to four hours to charge. The car can develop a maximum speed of 40 mph with a range of between 30 to 44 miles. The total weight of this car is 750 Kgs.

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