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Top 10 New Power And Ingenious Tools Part 2


This device was designed to help pick up nuts just as effectively as bigger harvesters. It is affordable and compact sized for small scale use. To use it you just need to point the nut on the ground and the device will collect it. It is ideal for people with just a few pecan trees. However there are larger models if you have more trees. This handheld device is easy to empty using a pump.


This tool enables the user to cut mortises into any timber. It is safe, easy to use and it makes more accurate cuts. This machine can fit on any brand of chainsaw and it comes in two sizes. The mini and the pro. The mini is designed for only 15 inches bars up to 38 cm with a cutting depth of 4 ¾ inches. The pro is designed for cutting into 20 inch bars up to 50 cm. It can cut a maximum depth of 6 ¼ inches. It comes with a manual to help you make correct fixings and cuts.


This is a cordless snow picking shovel. It can be used to pick up snow from sidewalks, patio, decks or steps. It is fitted out with a 40V 4.0 Ah rechargeable eco sharp lithium-ion battery. The advantages of using this tool is that it produces no emissions, it does not have cord so no dealing with tangles. It does not need electricity, oil or gas and no pull up cords. In addition, it is equipped with an innovative 500 W brushless motor that increases the battery life and efficiency. The brushless motor produces very minimal noise and vibrations. This machine is compact sized and light weight to enable you carry it around to places you need to remove the snow. Snow Joe is fitted out with 2 heavy duty blades that are capable of cutting snow up to 6 inches deep, 13 inches wide in just one pass.


This simple tool can be used to move furniture, mattresses or any other heavy or bulky objects. It can carry objects with a weight of up to 800 lbs. It has an ergonomic design to help lift heavy objects while protecting you from back injuries that might occur due to heavy and repetitive lifting. The straps apply leverage which makes the items being carried seem lighter and one can go up and down the stairs comfortably while carrying the load. It has a three loop system and each strap is nine inches long and it can be adjusted up to a length of 48 inches.


This machine is a vegetable sheet cutter. It can fit on all household mixers. It can be used to cut sheets of different fruits and vegetables. This machine makes your meal preparation experience enjoyable, creative, easy and quick. It comes with its own storage case where you can arrange and organize all its parts. It comes with two blades that allows you to slice either small or large sheets. You can put this device into endless uses.


This tool is used for removing ice and frost on the car windscreen and windows. It is compact size and lightweight, weighing 1.5 oz. and it can be easily packed in your car. It does not take much of your space. It helps you to quickly and easily clean the frost and ice from your car.


This is a pipe repair tool that helps fix broken and leaking pipes in just a few minutes. It can be used on metal, plastic and multilayered pipes. It can be used multiple times and it can withstand a 10 bar pressure. Additionally, it can accommodate some leaking pipes fittings. After the repair the pipe can function normally, and it can withstand normal pressure and temperatures until the repair is done.


This tool was designed to make your painting experience easy and perfect. It helps cover scratches, scuff marks, finger prints on your wall. It blends perfectly with the old paint to give a flawless painting. The Rolla Paint is an easy to fill bottle and is fitted out with an air tight seal to ensure that the paint that remains do not dry up. No mess left around using Rolla paint mate since it has a poring funnel. It can hold up to 300 ml of paint at a time.


This deflecto dryer cleaning kit has a high quality synthetic brush head and it comes with 6 long-lasting rods measuring 12 feet. It can be used without a power drill and it provides excellent and professional results. The Deflecto dryer comes with easy to understand set of instructions, which make it easy and convenient to use it. It helps clean and remove lint build up from the dryer duct and from the vent hood. This helps extend the life of your dryer, improve the performance time and improve the performance of the dryer.


Sealey is a company that specializes in supplying garage tools and equipment in UK. They also produce tools for agriculture, janitorial, body shop, engineering and vehicle service tools. The company produces only quality tools with international standards and supplies them at an affordable prices to ensure that you get value for your money.

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