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Top 10 Real Life Super Powers AND Superhero Gadgets

Fire Shooter

This gadget allows you to shoot fireballs using your bare hands like in the film Fire Mario. This device has two parts: a shooter with attachable wrist tie and a wireless remote control. The remote can activate the fireballs up to a distance of approximately 30 feet. To use it, you need to put the required amount of flash paper and Kotzen into a small pyro mini wrist box. Then you need to attach the device to your wrist and it is ready to play with. Initially, the manufacturer of this gadget created a pyro but smaller in size than this one but with a capacity of 600 shoots.

Mind Control

This device gives you power to control objects around you with your mind. It was created by Scientist from the University of Minnesota. In an experiment they conducted on the device, a person was able to control a quadcopter. This helmet-like cap is equipped with 64 electrodes sensors that help a person control the object. For example, to fly the quadcopter, the pilot should visualize himself doing so. If he visualizes himself using the left hand, the drone will fly towards the left. The signals are sent remotely to the drone computer, where it decodes the brain signals and then transmit them to the drones command center. This gadget can be useful to people with neurodegenerative disease or are paralyzed.

Cyborg Vision

These special and smart reality glasses that can enable you see what is in your smartphone like, social media, video chats and satellite navigations. It is fitted out with displays. These glasses are particularly helpful for those who have both of their hands engaged. For example when cycling, it can help a rider can get directions. Additionally, this device helps to correct vision disorders just like the normal lenses.

Spider-Man Climbing Wall

Scaling up vertical walls is not easy for people. But thanks to this gadget, it is now possible. This amazing gadget was created by students from Stanford University. The design and technology of this gadget was inspired by a gecko. It enables human beings to climb up vertical walls like a spider man. During the testing of this gadget, a man weighing 70 kilograms scaled up a wall like a gecko. This was possible thanks to the sticky attachments that were fixed on his feet. Additionally, he wore gloves that had molecular force similar to that of a lizard or gecko that allows them to scale walls or walk on ceilings.

Mind Controller

This gadget allows you to control objects with your mind just like in Professor X in X-men. This Mind Controller gaming gadget was created by Emotiv Company. It is a headset that allows you to control on-screen and other physical things using your mind. To play this racing game, the driver is wired up on the Electroencephalography pair of headsets. The gadget is programmed to read the wearers brain pattern which enables him to control the objects.

Wall Climbing Backpack

This gadget was created by students from Utah State University. It is a vacuum-assisted climber that allows you to climb up the wall like a spider. This vacuum motor powers the suction paddles and sticks. You can use it to climb on any surface, glass, wall brick, or stucco. This gadget can withstand a weight of up to 700 pounds. The device is fitted out with tubes fixed on the battery-powered vacuum in the backpack. Each of the paddles are powered by a battery and can last for up to 30 minutes.

. Iron Man Suit

This is high-tech suit with a red-colored and advanced sci-fi exoskeleton. The iron man suit was created by a Japanese Electronics Company. The suits, also known as Hirata, measures four meters. You can use your iPhone to control it or you can control it by stepping on it with your foot inside the device. It is equipped with 30 motors that it uses to maneuver around. Additionally, the US Army also manufactured another Iron Man Suit. It is equipped with high pressure hydraulic system that helps to boost the soldier’s strength, agility and endurance. This gadget is known as Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS). It provides the soldier with supernatural strength and it also repel bullets.

Telescopic Lens

These amazing contact lens were developed by researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. They help to boost the vision of the user. These lenses are equipped with smart glasses that respond to a wink of an eye. Telescopic lens enables the user to zoom in distant object at a intensification of up to 2.8 times more than a naked human eye. Additionally, the lenses will help people with eye conditions such as the age-related macular degeneration and low vision. These telescopic lens are bigger than normal lens with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The lens are equipped with small aluminum mirrors that bounce light around to maximize the size of the perceived objects. To switch between a normal and zoomed view, the wearer needs to just wink his eyes.

Wolverine Self-Healing

Just like in X-men movies, Wolverine gives the user the power to heal himself. It is equipped with mutant powers that enables him to heal himself even when he is shot or thrown off from a tall building. The gadget implants small devices into the patient’s body. These devices uses electric impulses to monitor and repair vital organs. These implants are so small and they are injected on the patient’s body using a needle. They target the nerve endings in a patient’s body to fix any infected or injured organ. The implants stimulate the nerve endings required to revive the failing or the infected organ and bring it back to functioning well.

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