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Top 10 Superhero Products Available On Amazon 2020

Shield of Captain America-

It is a real-like replica of captain America’s shield. It is 32 cm wide and a hard hit at the center of the shield emits some noise and light. The toy shield is made of plastic and it comes with 3 battery cells. It is safe for playing with children above two years.

3D Shape Marvel Lights Lamp-

It is a3D LED lamps for decorating your room. The light from the base hits the acrylic surface to create an incredible 3D hologram effect. It comes in Seven LED lights. Entertain your guests with it and put your kid to sleep with gentle lights. It touch controlled and it is energy efficient lasting up to 10,000 hours.

Blade of Assassin-

The blade of an assassin is a unisex play toy suitable for children above 8 years old and adults. The blade is 46 cm long. The children should play with under the supervision of an adult to avoid injury. It is made with PVC material.

Turtle Costume -

The mutant ninja turtle costume is made with 100% polyester material. It has a molded chest, the elbows and the knees are padded. It has a belt and a face mask to complete the look of a ninja turtle. It is suitable for children above three years. Not recommended for children below three due to choking hazard.

The Hand Of The Iron Man MARVEL-

The Iron man hand is suitable for children above the age of five. The hand is made of 100% plastic and it runs on a 1AA battery

Batman Auto -

The batman inspired toy car is sleekly designed for kids. The batman auto comes with a free batman figurine. Additionally, it has two weapons that can be help by the figurine. The weapons can be attached to the vehicle for firing missiles. The batmobile is heavily armored for beating the bad guys.


It is an iron man hand with a cigarette lighter. It is easy to use, attractive and luxurious iron hand lighter. It comes with a recharging USB which makes it a unique and antique product. The iron man hand lighter is wind proof and comes in beautiful combo colors of red and gold. Not for use by children.

Sword of Thanos-

The sword of Thanos is made with PVC material with dimensions of 55 cm length and a thickness of 9cm. The sword is attractive in design and a perfect gift for both girls and boys. The sword is available in small and big sizes. The small sized swords can be used as a keys accessory.

Hammer Of The Torus-

It is a plastic toy hammer inspired by Thor. It one of the most popular weapon used in Thor. It made with soft plastics to avoid injuries. It inspires your kid’s imaginations and inspires them to become a superhero. The hammer does not require the use of batteries and its total weight is 300g.

Spiderman Gloves-

A classic pair of Spiderman gloves lets you unleash the hero in you. The gloves have Spiderman logo and designs all over. They are made with soft cotton material to keep you warm. It will make you feel like throwing hero-sized punches. The dimensions of the gloves are 28x16 cm and comes as a pair.

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