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Top 10 Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology

Racing cube-

With this gadget you do need to train for a long time or risk your life when racing .This racing cube cost 5320$.

It can work under different modes whereby the rider can sit behind the wheel of a virtual car. He can't control the pedals and the steering wheel. In addition you can use the pilot mode where you can fly the virtual plane using a sidestick controller .The racing cube is equipped with hydraulic seeds such that the personal racing can feel the road bumps and drips when turning. You can race using the vr glasses for an immersive racing experience.


This gadget was created to enable the user interact with the vr . Sensoric scums with special gloves equipped with an inbuilt motion sensors .They're wireless with no additional controllers to occupy your hands .Additionally this device comes with four sensors to give you a deeper dive experience when gaming .The sensoryx it's has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly therefore no practice instructions or experience needed to use it it cost $400.


These headphones will make your gaming experience very exciting and unforgettable. Gamo produces 3d sounds and it has a special design. It was created for gamers in mind therefore they are capable of distinguishing up to three different sounds .This feature enables you to achieve a well pronounced 3d sounds .These headphones will help you to identify any position of the enemy ,how far they are and the direction they are moving .

Araig gaming suit

Also called as real as it gets .This suit was created to change the gamers experience when using virtual reality. The suit uses vibrations ,compression sounds and other techniques to let you experience each particular scene.

The middle finger gaming globes

This gadget was created to solve the problems that gamers experienced when gaming .Gaming for a long time cause your fingers to get numb ,sweat hands and suffer the joint pains. These gloves will help you forget all this experience when you are gaming .They are made from unique and special materials that helps improve blood micro circulation in your fingers .They improve your grip and prevent your hands from sweating .

Microsoft hololens

This device is made up of different components that enable the holographic computing .The device is equipped with an optical system that has advanced sensors. The hololens is self-sufficient, it does not have wires external cameras or pc connections .Another feature of this gadget is that it can sense your environment. It knows the maps can sense the objects around you and understands your gestures .

Tesla gaming suit

This gaming suit enables the gamer to interact with the virtual environment and feel it. The suit is built on electro masculine stimulation technology .This gaming suit has temperature control features, bio metric feedback system and motion capture . It is equipped with small electric pulse that stimulates teen sensations and it incorporates approximately 52 channels. It is not bulky and you can wear it like your normal clothing .


This is a computer mouse which is newly designed for professional gamers but anyone can use them. The gadget offers the gamer new gaming skills and opportunities. Lexip is equipped with two special features. A joystick located on the side for switching game modes and the other actions are performed by the other hand using a keyboard .This mouse can be used to zoom ,make a precise aiming or navigate the map .

Cyberih virtualizer

These gadgets are suitable for people who sit motionless for a long time .They are the first gaming carrots that involve the whole body of the gamer during the gaming process .With these gadgets you can fully immerse yourself into the game .You can crouch dodge and hold the weapon stimulator in your hands. The gamer can walk around without bumping into other objects .The cyber it virtualizer are equipped with the innovative principle of high position sensors with unique mechanical design and low friction. The gamer is capable of walking and make different body movements although it does not change his position .It can be used with all age proves.


sometimes the gamers are faced with the task of handling a huge number of buttons quickly and at once .with only 10 fingers this is impossible well this gadget was created to solve this problem. Bcon can be used with all software's and games and you do not have to install any driver .you can attach the bcon to your shoe which enables you to perform commands by just moving your feet .additionally you can dodge switch weapons, learning skills or even jump using this device .It has adjustable straps to suit any body size and it is friendly to people across all age groups.

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